three and a half minutes with… Víctor Valdés

It’s time for Víctor Valdés to take the test!

1.  What makes you angry?  Are we starting?  Insincerity. 

2. How much are chickens these days?  It depends on the chicken.  You can eat chicken for €2.30.

3.  Do you have good handwriting?  No.

4.  Do you like croquetasYes, but it’s not my favorite food.

5.  Does your cousin carry a risk (a play on words on the phrase “prima de riesgo” – risk premium – since “prima” also means female cousin)?  It depends on the cousin, perhaps yes.

6.  Why do we close our eyes when we sneeze?  Due to the effort.

7.  How many goals has Villa scored for Spain?  He surpassed Raúl.

8.  Where is the Antiguo neighborhood?  In San Sebastián.

9.  Have you tried Iniesta’s wine?  It’s excellent.  The ones matured in the casks are even better. 

10.  What position did Mata’s father play?  As a midfielder.  No, as a winger. 

11.  What is the purpose of a crankshaft?  So that the motor functions.

12.  Why does the government rescue banks and forget people?  Because that’s what needs to be done.

13.  How many games did Toni Grande play with the national team?  I don’t know.

14.  How often does Del Bosque touch up his mustache?  I don’t know that either.

15.  Who gave Belén Esteban that nose?   A doctor.

16.  What team did Lato play for?  I think it’s Croatia.

17.  Where is Auschwitz?  In Poland. 

18.  What do Poland and Cataluña have in common?  A joke.

19.  Who is Lech Walesa?  A Polish politician. 

20.  How much do you spend on gas a month?  I purchase three to four tanks.

21.  On what day do the Sanfermines start?  July 6.

22.  Where do you like to go on vacation?  To a Caribbean island, one with wind.

23.  What team does the writer Martínez de Pisón support?  Mérida.

24.  When was the last time you took a private plane?  Not too long ago.  I was in Gabon with the Eto’o Foundation, with Samuel and Xavi. 

25.  Who was BelausteA captain of the national team. 

26.  How did Negredo get that scar on his headHe was shaving his head.

27.  What is a flanker?  A doll.

28.  What does it mean to pull a Karanka?  I don’t know.  To repeat things?

29.  How much did Iker Casillas weigh when he was born?  4.600 kilos. 

30.  How many of Liverpool’s supporters died in Hillsborough in 1989?  96.

31.  What is the secret of La Roja?  The good atmosphere.  And Paloma, the head of press for the federation. 

32.  Where do you go to have a beer?  In Lunátic.

33.  What did Pedro Picapiedra (Fred Flintstone) work as?  As a stone cutter.

34.  Why do footballers spit so much during games?  Because their mouths are dry. 

35.  Who killed the solider PileckiHis sister. 


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  1. Iker was a large child? I like the negredo answer. They didn’t ask him about mazinger or son goku? Ha ha

  2. I’m glad to see that one of the players have been able to answer the Hillsborough question correctly! Although I’m counting on at least a few others to be able to answer it too…. :)

    Some very good answers, I must say! Especially the chicken-answer! He seems pretty smart.

  3. Damn I love a man who is decisive and intelligent. It is funny to hear all their comments on the crisis and rescue. Some of them are so whatever the government says, well some are more rebellious. Keep them coming!

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