three and a half minutes with… Santi Cazorla

And we continue with the Q&As… next up is the “perpetually smiling” Santi Cazorla!  Did you know his nickname is “Pancetita”?

1.  What makes you angry?  When I’m contradicted even though I’m right.

2. How much are chickens these days?  I’ve never gone to buy chicken in my life.

3.  Do you have good handwriting?  Yes, I don’t have bad handwriting.

4.  Do you like croquetasYes, those made with ham.

5.  Does your cousin carry a risk (a play on words on the phrase “prima de riesgo” – risk premium – since “prima” also means female cousin)?  No.

6.  Why do we close our eyes when we sneeze?  It’s instinctive.

7.  How many goals has Villa scored for Spain?  A lot, 50 or so.

8.  Where is the Antiguo neighborhood?  Many cities have old neighborhoods.

9.  Have you tried Iniesta’s wine?  No.  Let’s see if he sends me a crate. 

10.  What position did Mata’s father play?  As a winger.

11.  What is the purpose of a crankshaft?  I don’t have a damn clue what the purpose is.

12.  Why does the government rescue banks and forget people?  These are things that you have to accept.

13.  How many games did Toni Grande play with the national team?  I have no idea.

14.  How often does Del Bosque touch up his mustache?  Once in a while, I suppose.

15.  Who gave Belén Esteban that nose?  The person who operated on her.

16.  What team did Lato play for?  He sounds like he could be Brazilian or Portuguese.

17.  Where is Auschwitz?  Here, in Poland. 

18.  Who is Lech Walesa?  I don’t know who he is. 

19.  How much do you spend on gas a month?  I have two cars.  The one I use sucks up a lot of gas.

20.  On what day do the Sanfermines start?  The chupinazo is on the 7th, no? 

21.  Where do you like to go on vacation?  To Asturias.  My land calls out to me.

22.  What team does the writer Martínez de Pisón support?  Madrid?

23.  When was the last time you took a private plane?  One time, with Villarreal, when we came back from Japan. 

24.  Who was Belauste?  I have no idea.

25.  How did Negredo get that scar on his headHe collided with Iraola in San Mamés.

26.  What is a flanker?  I don’t know, a type of shotgun?

27.  What does it mean to pull a Karanka?  To do a press conference.

28.  How much did Iker Casillas weigh when he was born?  3.5 kilos. 

29.  How many of Liverpool’s supporters died in Hillsborough in 1989?  I have no idea, I hope it wasn’t many.

30.  What is the secret of La Roja?  The union of the team.

31.  Where do you go to have a beer?  In any outdoor café on a sunny morning.

32.  What did Pedro Picapiedra (Fred Flintstone) work as?  Well, picando piedra...

33.  Why do footballers spit so much during games?  Those are manias. 

34.  Who killed the solider PileckiAnother soldier.

35.  What is your favorite fruit pastilles flavor?  I don’t like them.

36.  What is the purpose of twitter?  I don’t use it, but it’s a social network.

37. What happened with your controversy with Iñaki Gabilondo (this is a question posed by a humorist many years ago; Gabilondo is a journalist and anchor)?  I have no idea.  What controversy? 


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  1. Soñando con Dios

    Dear Una, what does it mean to pull a Karanka?

  2. I love these!

  3. The illustrations of the players are so strange on El Pais’ website lol.

    Una, would you happen to know if they’re interviewing all the players or just a select few? Hopefully we can hear from Sergio and Iker as they were missed out last time.

    Thanks again, Una!

  4. I have wanted Santi Cazorla to sign for Liverpool for a while.. I love watching him and I think he has the creativity and spark that Liverpool need, and he also just seems like such a genuine and happy guy.

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