¡¡porrrr favorrrrr!!

The article describes him as “smiling a lot” and “with the appearance of never having disobeyed anyone.”  He alternates football with his club and the national team with his studies in the physical activity of sports, journalism and marketing in the Universidad Camilo José Cela (Madrid).  Who else can it be other than PF Juan Mata?

He posed for El Mundo Magazine before the start of the tournament, wearing the trends that will make a splash this summer.  He says, “I don’t mind being a model.  It’s another part of our profession, although I get embarrassed when I see myself in a commercial on TV or on the side of a bus shelter.”  As for PF’s personal style, Juanín says, “I always try to wear comfortable clothes, although I don’t mind putting on a suit for an awards ceremony or a party.  When I go shopping, I look for accessories, jeans, shirts, brand name sneakers… In England, there’s a mix of styles that I like.’

Speaking of England, PF travels on the tube, and loves walking around King’s Road in Chelsea.  Other places he frequents in the city include Soho, Camdem Market, and Brick Lane, Liverpool Street and Spitalfields for vintage clothing.  He says, “the other day, I had lunch in a restaurant with terrace in Chelsea called Bluebird.  It’s fantastic.”  He adds, “since the beginning, everything has gone so well for me that I didn’t have time to miss anything from Spain.  I had more nostalgia when I went to Valencia from Castilla.  English food is not as bad as everyone says.  And the weather is not that bad either.”  However, he does miss the rice dishes made by his mamá (his friend and Real Madrid midfielder Esteban Granero can attest to how good they are).

Juanín also loves the movies made by his “paisano” Woody Allen: “Match Point was filmed close to where I live” as well as “Game of Thrones,” Murakami’s books and some of the works by Paul Auster.  During concentraciones, he also kills time with video games, so he believes the Príncipe de Asturias award that went to Shigeru Miyamoto, the genius of Nintendo, is deserved: “I’ve played Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart a lot.  And I, who lived in Oviedo and had to do things for the awards ceremony every year in school, understand the importance of this award.”

In the summer, Juan Mata can be found in Tarifa, Zahara or Conil de la Frontera, “because Cádiz has beaches in which you can still feel free.”  He always bring music by Pereza (shared with Esteban again), Iván Ferreiro, Miles Kane and Coldplay, whom he recently watched at the O2 in London and the Vicente Calderón in Madrid.

In this Eurocopa, he’ll miss David Villa (they promised each other to climb down to the gorges of the Ceres River after winning the World Cup), but he’ll have the company of his good friends Reina, Busquets, Iker and Llorente: “we always joke around about Sergio Ramos’ hair, jajaja.”  Jajaja!!!!!

I only like the first outfit and the yellow pants (the latter is due to the Sergio Ramos effect).  The second outfit is too fat old rich man who smokes a cigar and the fourth one is too Miami Vice, plus I imagine PF sporting a ponytail too and that is not a good look. 


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  1. i’m with you, una … those yellow trousers are begging to be borrowed by sergio, and that second outfit with the checked blazer is hideous!

    that said, juanin is adorable. i would love to bump into him on the streets of london one day! thanks for the translation. :)

  2. I have a rule not to criticize my players (from Chelsea)no matter what they wear – so i’m not going to say anything about this photo shoot. Did he really mean Matchpoint was filmed close to him? Because it was filmed entirely in London, near Battersea where he lives. In Oviedo Woody Allen actually shot couple of scenes for Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

    Also, I have a question about him and Granero, he never mentioned him in his interviews here in England. Granero is that “intelligent one” from RM, right? The one that reads Kurt Vonnegut and studies psychology? Are they really close friends? From where exactly, RM cantera?

  3. hahaha i can totally picture mata with a pony tail! somehow i can see sergio with his old hair in the 4th outfit rocking said ponytail

  4. Jajaja those yellow pants!!! He seems always this young and cute. I can hardly imagine what it’s like when he gets a kid or turns forty, fifty, sixty….
    And also I’m very much eager to know what kind of jokes they made of Sergio! Wish we’ll get them soon :)))

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