Iker Casillas does the XLSemanal Q&A

By request, here’s Iker’s Q&A!

Date and place of birth: May 20, 1981.  Madrid.  Nicknames: San Iker. Teams: Real Madrid.   Games with the national team: 130.  Position: goalkeeper.  Height: 1.85 meters.  Weight: 84 kilos.  Civil status: unmarried.  Professional debut: Sept. 12, 1999.

Is it bad that I could recite all of that off the top of my head?

I’ll just use this familiar picture instead of the one with the article… and hope history repeats itself…

1.  If I were president, as soon as I get to the Moncloa, I would… throw a party with my friends.

2.  According to surveys, Iker Casillas is the person that most Spaniards would want to go have a beer with… and I would go have one with pleasure.  I am myself around people, although of course, I also need my space.

3.  The key to being an idol and not lose your way: my friends are the ones I’ve always had.  That makes life easier, you know where you are, where you’re going, and you center yourself.  In general, I have no complaints.  You also can’t make everyone like you.  As you get older, you overlook more things.  There are more important things.

4.  Sometimes I miss… getting around unnoticed: going to an amusement park with your friends or traveling by metro.

5.  Being captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team is… a big responsibility, but I’ve been lucky to know people who have helped me a lot: Raúl, Hierro, Sanchís, Redondo… and the same goes for the national team.

6.  With my national team teammates from Barça… there’s no problem between the Real Madrid players and the Barcelona players.

7.  Upon hearing the final whistle at the World Cup, I thought… that I had achieved a big dream, one that I’ve had since I was a kid, and that I was able to make this country happy.

8.  As I kid, I dreamed about… being a police officer.

9.  In my house, I was taught to be… humble and respectful of others.

10.  My father spoke to me about… the footballers that made up the Quinta del Buitre.

11.  I was named Iker… for the time my parents lived in País Vasco.

12.  The Christmas gift I was most excited about… I wanted a Scalextric, but I got the Auto Cross instead.

13.  My first salary with Real Madrid was…15,000 pesetas.

14.  The first time I put on a goalkeeper’s gloves… I was four years old.  I had been given Arconada’s kit as a gift.  Earlier, when I was two, my uncle gave me the kit of Athletic.  I would go with my father to play at a school near our house, in Móstoles, and that’s how it all started.

15.  An unforgettable moment: the day I debuted in San Mamés, the World Cup and the Eurocopa, which have been the two biggest successes in Spanish football.

16.  Favorite singer or group: Amaral, El Canto del Loco, La Oreja de Van Gogh, Estopa…

17.  Favorite actor and actress: Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz.

18.  Favorite movie: Notting Hill.

19.  A book: The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho.

20.  A night out: staying at home with my friends, playing cards, having something to drink…

21.  Botellón or copazo?  Botellón.

22.  After making love… doing it another time [jajaja!!!].

23.  Do footballers hook up more?  I think so.

24.  Amount of time spent daily in front of the mirror: I like to look presentable and for people to have a good impression of me, but I don’t consider myself vain.  I’m not one of those who spends the whole day in front of the mirror.  I do try to eat healthily and to rest enough.  These are normal things you do once you turn 30.

25.  My style: casual.  I like to be in fashion, but I’m not very meticulous.  I don’t like tight clothing, although if I do have to dress for a certain occasion, I’ll do it.  And in the summer: bermudas and flip flops.

26.  It drives me crazy when: I’m lied to.

27.  An idol: Peter Schmeichel.  He was the Danish goalkeeper of Manchester United that won the Eurocopa in 1992, which I remember.

28.  A football stadium: two, the Santiago Bernabéu and San Mamés.

29.  A vacation spot: Navalacruz, in Ávila, the hometown of my parents.  And if not, some place outside of Spain.

30.  A desire: for there to be a cure for AIDS.

31.  Two coaches: Toshack, for debuting me in the first division, and Vicente del Bosque, because he was the one who gave me continuity.

32.  Mourinho: he’s a winner and he makes us more ambitious.  It’s good to have a coach with character and desire, because it makes you think about victory.  He instills hunger.

33.  A mania: when we score a goal, I touch the crossbar.

34.  Favorite dish: Cuban-style rice.

35.  Favorite song: “Stars,” by Roxette.

36.  An athlete: Miguel Indurain.

37.  A city: Madrid.


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  1. Lol at his comment about making love.

  2. he likes to be in fashion *facepalm* :)

  3. I like that he mentioned Indurain because i love cycling.
    Lol, I knew what he would answer as his favourite movie/song/singer…

  4. woooooooooooooow indeed.how i can thanks from you?you are the best of best like iker kisssssss million time.

  5. I love Iker:D Gracias, Una:))

  6. I love the comment about making love. Thought the one about his fashion was funny since I’ve seen enough of your fashion posts.

    I love that picture of Iker! I hope it repeats itself on July 1st!

  7. #22 A big enthusiastic thumbs up for that answer. Sara’s a lucky girl.

  8. I love that he loves San Mames even though it’s one of the most hostile stadiums for RM to play in.

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