Xavi Hernández does the XLSemanal Q&A

We continue on with the Q&As… here’s Xavi Hernández.  He speaks about orgasms in the answer to the first question, so you know it’s going to be good.

Date and place of birth: Jan. 25, 1980.  Terrassa (Barcelona).  Nicknames: El Profe (the professor), Humphery Bogart. Teams: Barcelona.   Games with the national team: 108.  Position: midfielder.  Height: 1.70 meters.  Weight: 67 kilos.  Civil status: single, lives with his girlfriend.  Professional debut: 1997.

1.  A memory of the 2008 Eurocopa: a continuous orgasm of sensations.  Outside of football, I’ve had better ones of course, but there, everything went well.

2.  A plan for a night out: being with my girlfriend and my friends, good dinner and good conversation.

3.  When you’re not training or playing… siesta, movies and watching football.

4.  After making love… a hug, conversation…

5.  A book: I don’t read a lot.  I usually read biographies related to the sport: Cruyff, Oleguer, Saviola…

6.  A singer: Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen…

7.  A city: London.

8.  A movie: Shawshank Redemption.  I’ve seen it at least eight times.

9.  An actor and an actress: Robert De Niro and Scarlett Johansson.

10.  From my parents I learned… humility, to be honest.  I’m all that for my parents.

11.  In the concentraciones, I kill time with: the Internet, music, movies, my teammates…

12.  It drives me crazy when… someone gets angry with me for no reason.

13.  An idol: two.  Schuster and Guardiola.

14.  My father spoke to me about… Schuster and Guardiola.

15.  Going out to eat with: Mourinho or Cristiano Ronaldo? To speak about football, Mourinho, who has more experiences.

16.  The greatest: Maradona.

17.  The player who was hardest to defend: Zidane.  He was spectacular.  He would show you the ball, you think you’re going to steal it from him and then he changes legs.

18.  The player who pestered me the most: Makélélé.  He was very annoying.  When you see him come, you think, “he’s going to steal this from me.”  The same happened with Redondo.

19. Comment on a rival: when I was 18, in the Bernabéu, there was a pique, Raúl came up to me, gave me a cuff on the ear, and told me, “eh, calm down.”  It was to emphasize the hierarchy.

20.  From Madrid, I would sign… my two friends Iker and Xabi Alonso, but it would just be to foment the team spirit, because no one can surpass the level that we already have.

21.  The Real Madrid player I’ve admired the most: Raúl.  In addition, we have a good relationship.  Also Hierro, whom I also had as a captain on the national team.  He’s a fantastic person, although his image does not correspond to the reality.  He’s very hated in Barcelona.

22.  If your child tells you he supports Real Madrid or Espanyol… as long as he’s happy, there won’t be any problems.  I love football and Barcelona, but I’m not against anything, not in football and not in life.  In any case, it would surprise me if this happens because I would have guided him since the time he was small to support Barça.

23.  If you weren’t a footballer… I would have studied physical education.

24.  Guardiola: studious, meticulous, demanding, loves football…

25.  Del Bosque: loves football, he knows all the players in the world.  And he’s a spectacular person.

26.  An unforgettable piece of advice: “to get to the top, you have to forget about discos and girls.”  Manel Lobo, my coach on the Infantil B team, told me that.  I paid attention to him, I have taken care of myself.  But I’ve also gone all out: celebrating a victory can be healthy.

27.  An unforgettable Christmas gift: a ball.

28.  A wish: to be happy.

29.  A vacation spot: Ibiza and the Costa Brava.

30.  A song: “Losing My Religion” by REM.

31.  The sexiest woman: Angelina Jolie.

32.  Favorite food: pasta.

33.  Botellón or copazo?  Copazo.


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  1. very good. i hope next person will be iker that you translate his interview
    thank you so much

  2. I love those pieces from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for your effort, tell me though Xavi has a new girlfriend?

  3. yay! I love these quick tid bit interviews. very teen magazine content but a fun trivial info peek into our favorite footballers! very interesting comments about Raúl. looking forward to more!

  4. God I love when he talks about orgasms :P. He just gives scintillating interviews. I just love when he is mouth piece for La Roja, such a footballing genius and intellectual. I can’t get enough of him.

  5. There was a rumor that they combined this interview from some previous ones, mainly for Don Balon from 2008 or 2009

  6. Novia?

  7. I would pay to see him have dinner with Mou!!! LoL, also to be a fly on the wall during that conversation

  8. Xavi has a girlfriend? When did that happen? Well good for him! Only he can equate football with sex!

    So cute about iker and xabi!

  9. Thanks Una! This seems less like a recent interview and more like a cut-and-paste job from prior interviews. The orgasm & Manel Lobo quotes seem to be from this: http://www.publico.es/219863/xavi-he-tenido-orgasmos-mejores-que-la-eurocopa (I remember this interview b/c the final q&a is so bittersweet) and some of the other quotes were from an old Don Balon q&a from at least 2009 (can’t find the original, but here’s a copy: http://us.fotolog.com/crazy844/60635731/). Of course, it could be Xavi recycling his answers, rather than the magazine, but there sure are eerily similarities…

  10. he reminds me in this photo so much of whatsisname from how i met your mother … ted mosby. i can’t think of the actor’s name! josh radnor?

    good choices for song and city, xavi. :)

  11. answer ” 2″ brocked alot of hearts including mine :'(

  12. Xavi hz a btiful life.

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