usually, they change their hair after winning…

So hopefully Sergio is setting a precedence by changing his hair before the tournament has even started.  I can’t believe he did that!  Doesn’t he know how jealous we all are of his hair, how we all wished that ours could be so sleek and shiny?  But no, Sergio Ramos has chopped off his beautiful long hair for the Eurocopa.  And it looks like the federation has relented and will allow the boys to tweet and post during the Eurocopa, as Sergio informed us…  That’s a consolation, no?

By the way, I’m still waiting for Javi (!!!) to dye his hair and jump out of an airplane naked…


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  1. Not good fengshui. Did you see how they barely beat China ? China !

  2. damn it, Ramos, I was looking forward to seeing your long hair grace my tv screen once more. On the bright side, this time, the short hair looks a lot better than it did the last time..

  3. I’m sure Iker, with his addiction to Facebook, begged and pleaded until he became a nuisance to convince the Federation to let the boys use social networks.

    I’m glad, because that way we get to continue seeing his awkward self-portraits, vlogs, Sergio’s daily ‘Abrazo a tod@s’, Xabi’s music recommendations and Juan’s cheery post-game tweets.

  4. i’ll miss the long locks too. but sergio still looks good. i’m glad for the lift on the ban from social media for the team! With so many of the players happy to share their comments with their fans it will be more fun following along with them, i’m looking forward even more now to euro 2012!

  5. Well, our Sergio is growing up! What will be next, a wedding? I do miss his hair but he looks good this way too.

  6. Imagine if he had donated his hair to locks for love…

  7. I love it. The entire game yesterday I was thinking how he needed it cut. I wasn’t thinking this short, but I do really like it. Now to get rid of the scruff…

  8. ok, I commented on the other blog as well, but I am still getting over it.

    the silver lining is: I finally understand male reaction after women cut their long hair (even though I see nothing wrong in women with short hair and it’s soooo comfortable). No matter how good person looks after the hair cut, if it’s such a sudden change, it gets time to get used to, and the mane is never forgotten.

    I am just going to say: if he ever decides to grow the hair back, we are in for a treat to see the ways of controlling them in the grwoing up phase (hello hair gel overuse):-)))

    Fortunately, we can always count on Puyi. He would never ever do that.

  9. i know i’m alone on this one, but … i really like it! it suits him. :)

  10. This is just so sad.. I mean Val Kilmer was great in Top Gun in the 80’s… that’s what this looks like..lets just remember the 80’s was a decade of bad hair..*sigh*

  11. i know he’s ten thousand times better with short hair :D

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