Javi Martínez (!!!) does the XLSemanal Q&A

Five of our players (Xavi, Iker, Xabi, Fernando and Javi (!!!)) are featured in this Sunday’s edition of XLSemanal magazine, and each of them does a little Q&A.  Javi (!!!), unfortunately, got the shortest one and the most boring questions (and an awkward pose), but it’s still worth a read, because it’s Javi (!!!)!

Date and place of birth: Sept. 2, 1988; Ayegui, Navarra.  Nickname: El Mago de Ayegui (the magician of Ayegui).  Teams: Berceo, Logroñés, Arenas, Izarra, Osasuna, Athletic.  Number of games with the national team: seven.  Position: midfielder or defender.  Height: 1.90 meters.  Weight: 86 kilos.  Civil status: unmarried.  Professional debut: Aug. 27, 2006.

1.  What do you bring to the concentracionesCards, several books, la Play, a journal to write things down.  It’s personal.  In the future, it will make me laugh when I read it.

2.  A book: The Notebook, also the movie.

3.  A dish: my mother’s Cuban-style rice.

4.  An idol: Patrick Vieira.  He did everything: attack, defend, steal, pass, shoot.  He was a complete player.   I would be happy to do a fourth of what he did.

5.  A defect: it really upsets me when I lose at Play.

6.  My first memory of a World Cup: the goals Ronaldo scored on Kahn in the 2002 final.

7.  A bad memory associated with football: we had a bad time during my first year with Athletic.  We saved ourselves on the last matchday.

8.  A city: Ayegui.  There, I can isolate myself from everything.

9.  A dream come true: playing in the first division.  I debuted when I was 17.  The base of everything is hard work, in doing visible and invisible training, in sleeping a lot…

10.  If I weren’t a footballer… I don’t know, I would be studying.

11.  Favorite song: “Si pudiera tenerte,” by El Canto del Loco.

12. A hobby: magic tricks.  In the concentraciones, I do tricks for my teammates.

The other four coming soon…

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  1. So precious.

  2. too precious! ‘the notebook’? seriously?

  3. Man, he always brings a smile to my face. I think it’s really nice that he keeps a journal (Journal writing is awesome!) and I love his love for The Notebook. It’s like, aww.

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