ICYMI – Spain vs. Serbia

May 26, 2012 / Day 6 – Spain vs. Serbia, friendly, 2-0.

Well, that wasn’t the most exciting game, and I’m hoping it’s because the players are saving their best for the actual tournament, no?  Although it’s hard for Iker, Juanfran and David Silva to be more adorable than they were in these moments…

Hopefully Sergio got a kiss in as well!

ONE. During the morning, while the team took a walk (and pictures), PF Juan Mata and Fernando Torres had a 50-minute training session at the stadium with Javi Miñano and Hugo Camarero, as they weren’t included on the list for the game.

TWO.  Juanfran Torres, Álvaro Domínguez, Javi García, Beñat and Adrián made their debuts with the national team (Juanfran started, the other four came in as substitutes in the second half).  Congratulations, and hopefully there are many more caps in their future, as they are all fantastic players.

THREE.  Of those debuts, the most stellar one was of course Adrián’s, as he scored during this game.  In Spanish, there’s a saying that fits this situation in more ways than one – “llegar y besar el santo” (literally, “arrive and kiss the saint”).  It means someone who is successful at their first attempt at something.  On Saturday, I guess Adrián gave San Iker a kiss (like Juanfran above) at some point to get this dream debut!

Loved the celebrations!  And was Sergio taking notes on proper penalty taking technique?  I kid, I have complete confidence in him, and if Spain needs him to take a penalty, I’ll say bring it on!

I love it when they nuzzle each other’s faces.  And wow, El Chori really looks like a giant here.

FOUR.  After the game, Adrián said he never imagined that he’d debut with a goal, and that he was happy to be able to spend this time with the team and help it to win.  Álvaro Domínguez said, “I’m very happy because it’s not every day that you debut with the best national team in the world.  I want to say thank you to the coach.”

FIVE.  Iker got his 94th win, which ties him with Lilian Thuram and Ahmed Hassan for most wins with a national team.  Iker needed just 129 matches, compared to Thuram’s 142.  In addition, Iker is now the record holder for most shutouts, which he has done on 73 occasions, edging out Edwin van der Sar.

SIX.  More captain moments: showing off that perfect profile during the national anthem, and then protesting the flare thrown by the Serbia’s supporters.

SEVEN.  Fernando and PF watched the team warm up from the bench, and they later sat in the stands to watch the actual game.

EIGHT.  Sergio’s hair is so perfect!!!!  I am so jealous!  And I would love to get one of his La Roja “SR 15” headbands!

NINE.  The forest corner.

At the post-game press conference, Vicente del Bosque didn’t want to reveal anything about The List (he said he would tell the players at 12:28h and the world at 12:30h), although he did say that Adrián “has the same possibilities as he had before today,” meaning that the players are evaluated based on their long-term performance.  He also expressed his satisfaction with those players who had debuted, saying, “all of them did what they had to do.  It’s good for different players to appear for us to deepen the squad.”

TEN.  The Xabi Alonso pose section.

It’s good to see that Xabi never has an off day in this area.


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  1. Hah! Love the FOREST Section- genius one, Una. Can’t wait for your creative thoughts and updates! This is going to be an amazing summer for the blog!!!

  2. I can’t wait for the Euros to start! Love that the team finds a way to win even if they are trying out different and new players. I give a lot of credit to the Xabi, Sergio and, of course, Iker for that. Thanks for your excellent update!

  3. seeing as sergio’s off bromancing nando, jesus and whomever else is handy (the hussy!), perhaps iker’s trying to make him jealous by accepting un beso from someone else? ;) (along those lines, i would like to “llegar y besar” one santo in particular very, very much!!)

    94 wins and 73 shut outs … damn. felicitaciones, capi!

    my goodness, we have some wee players, don’t we? and that’s without the barca contingent! ;)

    gracias, una!

  4. Hahaha, the forest corner is the best!! :D Thanks for this post!

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