Vicente del Bosque announced the list of 23 players who will be representing Spain in the 2012 Eurocopa this morning.  They are:

Goalkeepers: Iker Casillas, Pepe Reina, Víctor Valdés.

Defenders: Álvaro Arbeloa, Sergio Ramos, Gerard Piqué, Juanfran Torres, Raúl Albiol, Javi Martínez, Jordi Alba.

Midfielders: Xavi Hernández, Andrés Iniesta, Sergio Busquets, Xabi Alonso, Cesc Fàbregas, Santi Cazorla, Juan Mata, Jesús Navas, David Silva.

Forwards: Fernando Llorente, Fernando Torres, Álvaro Negredo, Pedro Rodríguez.

Thoughts?  More on the VDB’s press conference later…

Twelve of these players played in the last edition of the Eurocopa.  They are: Iker, Albiol, Iniesta, Xavi, Torres, Cesc, Cazorla, Xabi, Sergio, Arbeloa, Silva and Pepe.


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  1. I’m surprised by albiol and not calling soldado. I think with Pedro and Torres misfiring most of the season, he should have taken him. Or Adrian. I’m nervous not seeing Villa as a starter. Well hopefully all the best for la roja. BTW – does vdb not like soldado?

  2. Holy damn. Poor Soldado. I really thought he made his case.
    I also think Beñat did well in the Serbia game, I guess one game wasn’t enough?

    But mostly Soldado. Holy hell it must’ve been tough for him

  3. I think Adrian should have been chosen instead of Negredo and I have my doubts on Pedro ( regardless of the goals in the cup final) he didn’t have a good season. Torres- I don’t know, he deserves a chance though.

    Other than the forwards which I’m sure everyone had their preferences, the list is good.

  4. I thought he would take Adrian instead of Pedro. As for Negredo and Soldado, it was always rumored he would only take one. I suppose Negredo fits the team better hmm.

  5. Oh wow, no Soldado. That’s the glaring exclusion there like most people are saying, but if VdB was using yesterday’s game as a tiebreaker, then yeah, he was not good. Not that impressed with Negredo either tbh. Pedro picked a good time to start scoring again, ecstatic for Fernando, and so so so pleased for Raul Albiol. I think he did well yesterday and when he played the whole game I was so relieved for him. And congrats to Juanfran as he’s the really surprising inclusion!

  6. I think the Soldado desicion was good. He’s not awfully good imo, he had a really good first half of the season but that’s about it, and at the moment, he’s not in good form, as opposed to Negredo, Llorente and Torres, who had a really good finish. I would’ve taken Adrian instead of Negredo though, he offers a lot more possibilities (he’s similar to Villa) and had a fantastic season, whereas Negredo can be too similar to Llorente, who’s overall better.

    Other than that, no objections from my part. The Pedro call was the right one too I think.

  7. I preferred Soldado to Negredo, but maybe what VDB saw in the week of practice and in the match against Serbia showed him something else. It would be hard to leave out Cesc, but I hear he’s injured again and he really hasn’t played much this past couple of months. One thing to consider is the chemistry of this team and you don’t want to make too many changes at once and mess with that.

  8. it hurts my heart not to see villa and puyi on this list! :(

    though, i’m relieved to see albiol there but kind of surprised soldado didn’t make the cut.

    i saw on two other web sites that the order of keepers was iker, victor and then pepe (as opposed to iker, pepe and victor, as you have it here) … does that mean pepe has dropped to the number three spot?

  9. After the season Pedro has had…why is Soldado not on the list??? =(

  10. I am very surprised about Albiol’s inclusion, Negredo’s exclusion and Torres’ inclusion.

    Very strange, VDB. And I know that Torres has done much for the national team, the past two seasons have been very off with him scoring little goals.

    Better these people make decisions, than I. Viva España

    • Negredo was not excluded. He is on the list. Torres is playing very well recently. From the list I would say it is very difficult to make the national team, but even more difficult to be cut once you’ve been a World Cup champion.. :)

    • I don’t really understand Torres’ inclusion either. He scored an important goal yes, but that was four years ago. He has either the worst or second worst goal scoring ratio for a striker in La Roja history I think. Silva is only 6 goals behind him.

  11. First off, I’m totally biased towards Nando. But with Villa out, Torres is the heavyweight name among the strikers for his history with the NT, and I think still is feared on the international level (I’ve been lucky enough to see him play for Chelsea this past season, and even misfiring, he’s pretty fearsome). Pleeeeease let his bromances with Sergio and Mata help him get his game on for the Euro!!!!

    • I agree about Fernando. Even when he wasn’t scoring I thought he contributed a lot to the team with assists, drawing the defense away from the others, etc. It’s definitely a plus to have some height in the box as it gives Spain more options and harder to defend. With both Torres & Llorente available, VDB has more options. I also think PF Juan Mata and Torres had good chemistry at Chelsea too. That will definitely help.

  12. underfootoverhead

    Possibly Soldado and Adrian are victims of Spain’s lack of prep time before the Euros (because of the late cup final). 1 week isn’t much time if you’re integrating new players. If they played for Barca, it might be different, but they don’t. Too bad they weren’t called up for friendlies earlier though.

    Not surprised about Albiol, since they’re already short on defenders (and also the reason above). I’m more surprised that Monreal wasn’t chosen. If Alba gets hurt, they have to move Arbeloa to LB and play Juan Fran at RB (or juggle a new CB with Ramos at RB). Not really ideal.

  13. Should have known Soldado wouldn’t get it. He only gives him a chance when he absolutely can’t avoid it. Whatever he may think about him, Soldado has had a few concistantly good seasons at valencia and scored a hatrick (I think) the last time Spain played him. If I was him I’d be really annoyed by the situation right now.

  14. yes i thought adrian and benat deserve to get a chance based on their performance on friendly game with serbia

    • I agree. I thought they both played well and fit nicely in the team. Although I do understand that in an important competition like this, chemistry means a lot which I believe had a lot to do with VDB’s ultimate selection.

      Also, as someone else mentioned, we don’t know what went on in practices so that may also have played a part.

      Who knows, if one of the “regulars” gets injured (God forbid), these guys may get called up again in future friendlies, etc.

  15. Well I guess one positive is that most other countries wish they had the problem we have. Who to leave out rather than finding enough players for their team.

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