La Roja as… Avengers?

This past weekend’s edition of El Mundo Magazine featured six of the La Roja players through the eyes of Marvel Comics!  UPDATE BELOW!

As a tribute to La Roja and in honor of there being just one month and a half to go before the 2012 Eurocopa, El Mundo Magazine asked Javier Bergantiño Menor, aka Bit, an illustrator with Marvel and a madrileño, to draw six of the players as protagonists from the team of superheroes, The Avengers.  He also explained to the publication the reasoning behind his choices.

Iker Casillas – Thor.

“Thor is the god of thunder, one of the strongest superheroes in the Marvel universe, and he can even stop the Incredible Hulk, lift up 100 tons and battle for a long time without getting tired.  Only other heroes can stop him.  He has an almost indestructible hammer.  For all these reasons, when I thought about Iker Casillas, Thor immediately came to mind, because the captain of the national team stops everything, and his arms are like the famous hammer,” says Bit.

Xavi – Nick Fury.

Nick Fury is the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., a security organization.  He lost an eye during WWII during which Wolfman saved his life.  “He’s the leader of The Avengers, the one in charge, and I think Xavi Hernández is vital for the team both on and off the field.  He’s a reference for his teammates and a nightmare for his rivals,” explains Bit.

Sergio Ramos – Iron Man.

Also known as Tony Stark, he’s a self-made superhero, as the consequence of an accident that left him with a piece of shrapnel near his heart.  To avoid that from moving, he created a suit of armor that keeps it immobile magnetically.  “With this protection, he can do everything, and he’s a superhero that draws attention, just like Ramos for the attackers.”  [It would be a shame to cover up that body though, no?]

Gerard Piqué – Captain America.

“His official name is Steve Rogers and he’s a super soldier.  He’s genetically modified so his body is perfect; it’s not that he has superpowers, but that his natural abilities are enhanced.  He’s an expert in body to body combat, and he always does the right thing.  Piqué shines on the field among other things for his physical presence, so he fits perfectly with this character.”

David Silva – Hawkeye.

Clint Barton, alias Hawkeye, is an ace with a bow and arrows, and his eye is specially developed to shoot them.  He was a secret agent for almost 10 years in the United States, and he’s a friend of Nick Fury’s.  “Wherever Hawkeye looks, he puts the shot.  In addition, he’s an agile superhero, he’s not as large as the others, and that made me think of David Silva,” says Bit.

Andrés Iniesta – The Incredible Hulk.

The Incredible Hulk (or la Masa, as he was known in Spain), is the unstoppable Robert Bruce Banner, explains BitEspañol.  His weight, his height and his eye color all depend on his mood.  “There’s no force in the world that can beat him, and the more thing you put against him, the stronger he becomes.  That’s why I thought about Andrés Iniesta, because when he has the ball, there’s no one that can stop him.”

What do you think about Bit’s choices?  I think his reasoning is sound!  And I also think Fernando Llorente would make a fantastic superhero!

UPDATE: Bit left us a comment!  He says Disney and Magazine decided on how to match the players and superheroes, as well as the suits, which had to be the same as in the movies.  And what a nice guy, he also said sorry if we feel that some of the players don’t match with our choices!


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  1. Ok, Pique as Captain America is simply hilarious! I couldn’t agree more on Iker and Xavi! But Iniesta … I’m on the fense here.

  2. I love Silva’s representation. It truly matches him. However, Iniesta as the Hulk???? Not convinced by that one at all. Though I’m not denying his greatness!

  3. I think Iniesta as hulk is weird. He’s so little and Hulk is so huge! Maybe Fernando Llorente wasn’t made into a superhero because he already is one! That body, ooh.

    This reminds me of when Sergio Ramos was asked to compare his Real Madrid teammates to superheroes! He said that Iker was Hulk right? And he himself was Wolverine?

  4. I actually find Silva’s quite sexy. There, I said it.
    I’m glad he wasn’t forgotten.

  5. Why… are this so weird?

    Also, Fer Llorente wouldn’t fit in as a superhero. That man belongs as a dreamy prince in one of Disney’s fairy tales.

  6. Oh I love these comic heroes interpretations!! Los Seis Magnificos!!

  7. When I saw Silva’s drawing I thought “Wait, is he represented in KATNISS ???” And then I read the explanation… Still I think he does look like Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games there :) But she would be a good modern Superhero after all !

    • I thought so too! Silva does look awesome with a bow and arrow. It fits him, I can almost imagine him being a sort of male Katniss.

  8. I loved the incredible hulk. I used to watch that show while I was growing up

  9. so cool! i love the portraits, and the reasoning behind them. :) and yes, llorente would look fantastic in a cape and tights!

  10. AHHH THIS IS HILARIOUS/AMAZING/LOLWTF. Thank you so much for sharing; the choices actually mostly make sense but Don Andres as the Hulk?? I guess in that he can have a surprising temper, but still, I almost did a spit take at that drawing. Made my day!

  11. hehe I see Fernando Llorente as superman for some reason, although he doesn’t have the hair..hmmmm

  12. vincenzolaguardia

    Sergio Ramos Iron Man? No creo que sepa formatear su ordenador. Iniesta Hulk? Como mucho Bruce Banner. Casillas Thor? No, quizás el Capitán América. El único que me parece acertado es Xavi como Nick Furia pero el clásico no el ultimate.

  13. funny! I think I like Iker the most.

    and what an amotional CL game yesterday. Analysing it from the point of view of Spain NT in Euro, very interesting. VDB will have Fernando and Mata 10 days after the CL final (hopefully not only them from the NT will play there;-))) but a bit more rested guys from Barcelona, whose meaning for the national team is absolutely undeniable.

    As much as I am happy for Fernando and his brilliant goal, I felt a bit sad that there won;t be another RM-Barca final! The Clasicos were too much nerves for me lately, especially after last year and I complained, but when I know there won’t be another one that could have been, I kind of miss it! ;-))

  14. I love iniesta’s hulk. Hehe thanks for sharing.

  15. OMG it’s the end of an era, Pep leaving! Even as a RM supporter I feel a bit nostalgic, it was one era of a kind, featuring Mou v. Pep lately, another portion of historic El Clasicos and all that!

    Honestly, I do not think the season like that for Barca is enough to make a coach leave, but if that’s their decision, let it be. But I felt like expressing my nostalgia here;-), under the drawing of Iniesta as an Incredible Hulk;-)

  16. Fantastic I am definitely going to share this one! But hey he got one wrong. Xavi should be Iron Man (get it Robert Downey Jr gemelo!)

  17. Sorry guys, the soccer player names was given by disney and “el mundo magacine” to me for the avengers promo. The suits was given by Marvel studios and need to be the same as the movie suits so, no choices by my side to pick one or another player or another suit… and the writers of “el mundo magacine” don´t check the texts so my name appears like “Bitespañol” instead “bit”. Thanks to all and sorry if you feel some players don´t match with your choices. ;)

  18. Lovely work Bit! Me encanto! Un abrazo!

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