which one?

I have here two of the books that came out this week and last about La Roja, “Más Secretos de La Roja” and “La Roja Por Dentro.”  The question now is, which one would you all like to read first?

“Más Secretos de La Roja” is a continuation of “Los Secretos de La Roja,” meaning it covers the World Cup period in 100 or so new pages (in two additional chapters), and has a new epilogue written by David Villa.  I’ve skimmed the pages, and it appears to be a retelling of what happened prior to and during the World Cup.

According to the description of the book, it answers these questions: what was hung on the walls of the residence in Potchefstroom to motivate the players?  What premonitory message did Torres write on a shirt belonging to Iniesta in the U-17 World Cup in 2001?  What did Casillas tell his teammates before games?  How many “historic” balls does Arbeloa have in his home?  How did the team celebrate La Noche de San Juan in South Africa?  Who did Del Bosque reveal to his intention to surprise Germany by putting Pedro in the line-up?  What souvenir did Piqué take from the stadium after the final?  Did Álvaro del Bosque tell his father about his conversation with Zapatero in La Moncloa?  All these questions and more will be answered by the players, the coaches, the staff through confessions, jokes and memories.

(By the way, this book will be translated to Polish for the upcoming Eurocopa, and it will also be published in Japan.)

As for “La Roja Por Dentro,” this is a new book written by TVE journalist Silvia Barba.  The book is about 250 pages long, with a prologue by Carles Puyol and an epilogue by Pepe Reina (God help us all; luckily it’s only two pages long).  The six main chapters speak about the team’s achievements, the staff of La Roja, what goes on during concentraciones, the players who have been called up recently, what happens on game days and how Spain is preparing for the upcoming Eurocopa.

This book answers the questions: what goes on during the day to day of the team?  What are the players really like?  What do they do during trips, what kind of music do they listen to and what books do they read?  How do they amuse themselves during the concentraciones?  What do they eat?  Who likes parchís and who prefers poker or pocha?

So, which one sounds more interesting to you all?  Leave a comment and let me know, and I’ll start translating excerpts from the books!


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  1. “Más Secretos de La Roja” please! I loved the original when you so kindly translated it for all of us and can’t wait to read the continuation. Thanks for all your work Una!

  2. Both sound interesting, but I’ll go with “Mas Secretos…” :) Can’t wait to read the excerpts and thank you so much for translating them for us!!

  3. Mas Secretos de la Roja please :)

  4. I think La Roja Por Dentro sounds awesome.

  5. Ooh La Roja por dentro sounds interesting.. would love to know what Pepe said!

  6. The second one because it seems like something new + Puyi’s prologue intrigues me:)

  7. I am fairly certain I would like Silvia Barba’s job and I suspect she has an interesting perspective on things. And I would love to know what Pepe Reina has to say – he is always entertaining.

  8. “La Roja Por Dentro” porfavor! Yes, let’s all thank God , that Pepe only contributed two pages. His last attempt was like taking valium…I love him but writing is not his strong point. Thanks Una you’re the best!!

  9. La Roja por dentro.. for me at least..thanks!! always appreciate all you do! :D

  10. La Roja por Dentro!

    I’m equally excited for both, but if Silvia’s has details about how the team is preparing for the Eurocopa, I think that would be more appropriate time-wise, no?

  11. Oh and…

    I saw Javi’s tweet about his girlfriend and I’m not even lying, my first thought was ‘Poor Una..”

  12. My preference would be for the La Roja Por Dentro, but since it’s over twice as long, I will leave the decision to you. Any info. about La Roja is appreciated since we don’t get any of it in the US. :(

    “(God help us all; luckily it’s only two pages long)” – hahaha
    As soon as I saw that this post was about 2 new books, I was HOPING that one of them wasn’t by Pepe. :D

  13. whichever you’d rather do first. :)

  14. “La Roja Por Dentro” please :D

  15. la roja por dentro, please…
    thanx ;)

  16. whichever one you prefer, please and thank you so much! :)

    (but if i HAD to pick, the first one.)

  17. La Roja Por Dentro sounds more interesting.

  18. Umm, both seem good to me, but since the Euros are coming up, “La Roja Por Dentro”, please? But whatever suits you is okay. Thanks in advance! :)

  19. 1 vote for La Roja Por Dentro please! <3 Una, you are a saint for translating, and know that the effort is much appreciated!

  20. Una, please let this be you!

  21. La Roja por dentro, por favor :)

  22. i prefer to “Más Secretos de La Roja”, una… thank you very much

  23. I’m so excited! Let’s start with “Mas Secretos de la roja” and then please “La roja por dentro”. :D

  24. “Mas secretos de la roja” :) gracias

  25. either one you choose, una, THANK YOU! i appreciate this so much.

  26. La Roja Por Dentro, pleeeeaaase! <3

  27. Pick whichever one you find most interesting Unamadridista. Any book on La Roja (with the exception of Pepe’s monologue) is most welcome. I very much appreciate that you are offering to translate them for us :)

  28. Thank you for this post Una..As with all the previous posts. The book, Mas Secretos sounds interesting. I was just wondering, would there be an english version of the books Los Secretos and these two (currently on sale or maybe in the future)? Thanks!! :)

  29. Thanks a lot, una, for tackling these! It’s fantastic that you provide us with all this info :)
    I think “La roja por dentro” sounds interesting, so I vote for starting with it.

  30. I would say “La Roja Por Dentro” because I want to read Puyol’s prologue!!! BTW, does anyone know where I can get order the book online and have it shipped to the US?

  31. I vote for “La roja por dentro”

  32. Silvia Barba’s book Una, we might get some more chica tips or things of interest wink wink nudge nudge, you know what I mean.

  33. Thank you so much for offering to translate the books, I have no preference about which book you look at first, it’s so kind of you to do this for us! Muchas gracias!

  34. I’d prefer Más Secretos, but i’m fine with either. Thanks in advance for all the translation you’re gonna be doing! Really appreciate it! :)

  35. Thank you for the post. I had to laugh soo hard when you wrote about Pepe writing the epilogue (and thought poor you :-) ).
    I would prefer Más secretos, but whichever book is fine by me. :-)
    Muchas gracias una!!

  36. Gentle Whisperer

    I’d prefer Mas Secretos, merely because I’m hoping it’s a sequel to Los Secretos

  37. Una, pick the one you’d like to read first, but since you ask -I’d go with Sylvia’s book, just because I’d love to be a female journalist writing about Spain NT, so I am curious how she approached this great challenge;-)

    as to the !!! pic. The girl looks cute, Javi kissing her -even more cute, I can almost feel the cuteness of this hug, lucky girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. La Roja por dentro please! <3
    Thank u so much Una! <3

  39. Hey Una what is the joke with Alvaro Arbeloa taking historic balls?

  40. Both seem really interesting, but I think I would prefer Mas Secretos! Whichever one you choose, I am sure it will be great!

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