the La Roja modeling academy strikes again

Awkward poses aside (I’m thinking Javi (!!!) and Álvaro Arbeloa), these pictures of the boys of La Roja modeling Adidas’ latest line, Seasonal Favourites, are adorable, and once again reaffirm the well-known fact that this is the best looking and most adorable national team out there.

And now we know where this picture comes from.  Anyway, feast your eyes…

The jacket really brings out his eyes…


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  1. Muchas gracias for this! Nice way to start my morning….

  2. Fernando Llorente, oh my lordy.

  3. Mmmmmm. The boys are looking HOT

  4. Una … I heard that there is a new book “Mas Secretos De La Roja” .. about the World Cup …

    Will you being doing what you do with the other books … OR at least tell us if it’s worth getting …

    LOVE THE POST!!! by the way .. Pictures just say 1000 words .. & sometimes even more!!! :)


  5. Villa just isn’t Villa without his hairgel!
    Awkward posing, indeed. Still lovely.

  6. you know that song “i’m sexy and i know it?” now we know who it was written about. :) :) :)

  7. Llorente is just marvelous and love the Santi pose!

  8. What a great beginning of a tough day on my internship :)

  9. Woah! Villa looks sooooo good with his hair down!!!

  10. wow, how nice! it’s 2 months to euro, 2 months!!!!

  11. Love Villa! Even without the hair gel! Llorente and Javi!

  12. lovely, btw I was searching for new commercials featuring La Roja, and I love this one with VdB

  13. Oh God, I can’t stop laughing at the awkwardness of that first picture of Arbeloa, hehe, he just looks so… awkward. :D

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