how did I miss this one?

I don’t like the pose, but this photo (from November last year) is definitely much more kinder on the eyes than those images, no?

Obviously, they can do whatever they want with their private lives, but por favor chicos, exercise a little bit of common sense, use good judgment and don’t forget that people look up to you.  And please, don’t wear the shirt of La Roja while doing things like that.  After all, both of you have many eyesores that you call clothes to choose from (that is, if you choose to wear clothing!).

P.S. I really didn’t want to write anything about those photos, since as I said it’s their private lives, but I’m thinking there are some of you who wanted to know my reaction, no?


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  1. Sarah Nikolich

    I would actually love to know the general response from the people. cuz I haven’t seen much reaction or scandal over it. Tho I think it’s pretty scandalous :))))

    But yeah, I agree with you. They should know better.

    And that’s a my pic for me, haven’t seen it before. So thank you again!

  2. Yes I wanted your reaction about that. But I don’t think I understood right : where were they ? And are those girls prostitutes ?? WHY would they do that ????

    • Apparently, they were at a barbecue. There were 25 people there and those girls are “amateur porn stars” or something. Apparently, Iker and Javi had no idea that those girls had such honourable professions (heh, I don’t buy that, though)…

    • The dark-haired girl is an amateur pornstar. But I’m also wondering where they are when the picture is taken.

  3. I think I let myself forget that these guys are young, attractive, rich, famous athletes…which means they probably do make a lot of bad choices so it might be a good idea to lower the pedestal of perfection that I have them on. Oh boys…

  4. I wondered, but figured you might be in denial. Not the best choice of actions, but boys will be boys. They are young (and I think single) footballers. At least they weren’t doing anything illegal!

  5. I like this picture much better. He looks like a fierce ~cachorro.

    (Our reactions to The Pictures Which Shall Not Be Named are similar, methinks.)

  6. i loved how everybody was like
    “Unamadridista must be having a fit” and “what would una say?”


  7. i would be lying if i said i didn’t immediately think of you, and what you thought about it all, but i also didn’t want to come out and ask. but thank you for your opinion! :)

    my thoughts are similar to yours … it’s their private lives, they can do whatever they please as long as it doesn’t break the law or hurt the people they love, and they’re young and foolish and are going to do stupid things. i just wish they had exercised a little more common sense (and chose different shirts!).

  8. I’m sure it was painful to see that Una. Was wondering what you thought of it. I remember you saying that Javi now has a gf and I read on Kickette that Iker does too. Do these guys not think before taking pics like this that they won’t end up on the web? Rhetorical question, of course. O_o

  9. :-( When I saw these photos of Javi my first reaction was “Poor Una!”

  10. Yeah, my first thought was not “what were they thinking” but “what would UnaMadridista say”? LOL

    “What were they thinking?” is however also my only response to the pictures. Especially regarding the NT T-shirt.

    I sometimes forget how the guys in their age behave, world champions or not. I know it’s their private life, but in those times it’s pretty much obvious that things like that would appear in the public spotlight…

    to keep the spirits high, I would say that Xabi Alonso would never come up with something like that and that makes me feel optimistic. ;-)

  11. What bothers me most is that they’re wearing their kit in those pictures. Private life=private clothes! It is an honour to be able to wear your national team’s (or even club’s) jersey/training clothes and you should behave accordingly.

  12. I think I understand the world enough to know that young men, especially the rich and famous ones, enjoy doing foolish things sometimes, so I’m not so shocked. But come on, why the hell did they take photos of their little party when they know that they’re at risk of being leaked? And Javi, Javi, Javi… you silly boy, why did you wear la camiseta while doing that? Also, don’t they have girlfriends? If they weren’t single by the time those photos were taken, then that’s a huge disappointment! And how could they not know those girls they were with were porn stars… I mean, what do they do when they’re with them, play hopskotch?! I just hope they will be wiser in the future.

  13. I’m not quite sure I understand the hoopla over these pictures. We don’t know for sure they are still with their gfs. They could have been their gfs friends for all we know. And they are young men, taking pictures with some girls. They aren’t naked, they aren’t making out with them, and while the girls may not have the most reputable of professions they could have just been friends of friends.

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