¡para, para, para, para, por favor!

This new spot for BBVA is absolute genius!  It stars Iker Casillas and Andrés Iniesta, and instead of fans going up to them to ask for their autograph and/or for a picture, our boys do that to ordinary people on the street!  The results, as you can see, are hilarious.  I love Iker’s face when he sees the first woman, and the sheer disbelief from the people.

IC:  stop, stop, stop, please!

Woman: but you’re Iker, I can’t believe it!

AI:  how are you?

Man: yes!  I’m good, how are you?

IC: ¡madre mía, por favor!  Can you sign an autograph for me?

Woman: are you serious?  Me?  But I’m not the famous one, you are!

AI: would it be possible to get a photo with you?

Man: is there a hidden camera somewhere or something?

AI: no.

IC: sign this for me, please, I’m serious.  I admire you a lot.  Can I take a photo with you? [note the switch to formal “you”].

Woman: oh man, I’d be happy to!

IC: come over here.

Man: this photo…

Woman: thank you.

IC: bye!

AI: I can’t believe it.

Woman: I can’t believe it.  And you are, you are… [jajaja!!!].

AI: can you do a favor for me?

Woman: yes, whatever you want.

AI: can you give me an autograph?

Woman: this is a joke, no?

Man: no way, this must be a joke for TV.

IC: no, really, I’m serious.  I’m really serious, please.  How is everything?  Good?

Woman: but how can I be the one to give you an autograph?

AI: I’m going to keep it, I’ll treasure it.

Woman: but you’re the famous one.

AI: I’m your fan.

Woman: yesssss…

AI: can I give you the two kisses?

Woman: are you serious?

IC: like this, on the ground.  Really!  Please!

AI: I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy.

Man: but aren’t you Iniesta?  Aren’t you?

Woman: ayyyyyyy!  My God!

AI: I will never be able to give you all back…

IC: … 35 percent of what you all have given me.


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  1. Amazing.

  2. All I can think of now is plans for how I can get Iker to come and hug me randomly in the street!

  3. fucking love it! hilarious!

  4. Priceless!

  5. why i’ve thought that andres take a benefit by gave a kiss to the girl ?? hahaha, hilarious…

  6. This is so lovely! I would have an even more over top reaction if I had been one of those people to be honest!

  7. ’35 per cent of what you’ve given me’ Love that random number from Iker!

    • unamadridista

      It’s an ad for the bank BBVA, so that number is the percentage rate that BBVA securities give back to your account each year.

  8. That lucky lucky girl getting a hug and a kiss from Iniesta!

  9. this is the best, cutest, most amazing, most adorable, most delightful, most hilarious and most wonderful thing i have ever seen in my whole entire life!!!! i LOVE it!!!!

    they are both so totally adorable, and when iker covers his mouth with his hand like that (which i’m sure he’s seen a million people do to him), jajajajajajajaja! eeeeeee! seriously, i’m incapable of speech now, i can only make noises, that’s how cute this is! and i absolutely adore the last two lines … so wonderful. *beams*

    seriously, HOW LUCKY ARE THESE PEOPLE? and how much do i adore that iker filmed this in mostoles, on valentine’s day!? that woman is the luckiest woman in existence!

    THANK YOU for the translation! i got the gist of it, but i appreciate the exact wording very much.

  10. That is way too cute.

  11. it’s brilliant!!!!! I just saw it and run straight here to check and of course it was also already here;-)

    It’s a lovely commercial, very sweet indeed, I love the concept!!! Andres is super cute, I wanna hug him!
    I also of course would like to hug Iker, so I have two choices:
    -watch it again and again and daydream that I am one of the persons that Iker hugs
    -find out where it was shot and if there will be another shooting day and spend all my money on the ticket to fly there and wait on the street until this happens

    LOL cool ad!
    will there be another one with other players, don’t you know?

  12. Such an adorable and amazing ad, really good idea. I imagine if Iker comes up to me like that, I would be shocked at first but then it would take an army to get me off him 

  13. Umm I fully expect a proper welcome to Madrid like this from Real Madrid when I get to Spain again ;0)

  14. I would have truly died!

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