… although I really do prefer them with no shirts

Spain will debut their second kit for the Eurocopa tomorrow in Málaga, which consists of a sky blue (a color Spain has never worn before) shirt with a diagonal band in darker blue across it, and white shorts, with sky blue socks featuring the Spanish flag at the midpoint.  The spot Adidas produced for this shirt is fantastic, as it looks back on that World Cup final, and I love everything the boys say!  Like David Villa, I also remember every detail of that day and will never forget it.  And I like how Fernando and Javi (!!!) pointed out that while everyone was talking about La Roja (the red), they were actually wearing blue that day.  And since blue brought them such good luck…

This is not my favorite shirt.  I don’t like the stripe at all, especially the mesh effect.  I think the shirt would have looked much better without it, although it might be too plain then (which I would still prefer).  Meanwhile, the two kits the goalkeepers will wear are yellow and gray.  I don’t like the color blocking on the gray, especially how it tapers.  On the other hand, maybe it’s just a helpful indication of those “V’ muscles that the keepers (hopefully) have underneath the shirts!

But as always, our boys are fantastic models!

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  1. Oh, man. The blue kit. I do not like it. Maybe it will grow on me, but right now the best thing about it is the boys who are in it!

    (And the goalkeeper kit – sorry but there is no chance that I will grow to love that atrocity. I’ll just cross my fingers and hope the next one is better.)

  2. I’m not a big fan of these new kits, but at least Iker’s really tight:D I hope the one he will wear for the game is like this too. His usual game kits always seem too big for him:/

  3. I miss 2010 WC away kit of all blues. The team looked great in it. This one doesn’t come anywhere close…

  4. LMAO, Iker I love you but you look like you’re wearing a bib!

  5. man, that is one ugly kit, for all the reasons you suggested. i don’t like the shade of blue, i don’t like the stripe and the fade/mesh pattern, i don’t like that thing around the collar, i don’t like the socks … and the keepers’ kit is even uglier! what is with that awkward colour blocking? and the yellow socks with the grey/black shirt? ugh. does the yellow version have colour blocking too? (and iker can’t seem to get away from yellow this season, huh?)

    that said, that video/advert brought me SUCH joy, it brought tears to my eyes. beautiful memories, beautiful team … here’s to the future! :) :) :)

  6. I tthink the grey colour blocks make Iker look like an armadillo. Not a good look. However I love the sky blue colour of the other shirts

  7. I like the color but that’s it. Ugly. But hey our boyz look good in most kits. Adidas make them tight ok?

  8. I don’d mind Iker’s…and I amlost like that shade of blue in an odd way. The thing that kills the shirts is that mesh line! It’s TERRIBLE! If it was solid it would look a lot classier!

  9. I prefer the dark blues over this one, but I hope blue brings La Roja good luck! I loved Fer’s fluffy hair, the boys reflecting on good times, and I know that even though it’s sponsored by Adidas that they feature David Villa. I hope he makes it back in time for the Eurocup!

  10. I agree with you totally about the shirts: I think the stripe is awful! As always, you’re spot on with your posts, haha. The colour is pretty jarring on them too, but I’m a Manchester City fan so I don’t mind it too much :P

  11. Lol Floris just can’t get away from the David Hasseloff look. Too much That 70’s show?

  12. What an amazing video!!!! I <3 it!!! I get goosebumps whenever I hear the final whistle of that game, and just whenever I think of that amazing game!!!

    The away kit isn't bad, but I dislike the goalkeeper gray part at the bottom. The blue isn't bad, but the stripe makes it more interesting for me!

    Love La Roja……….vamos a ganar la copa en el Euro 2012!

  13. I’ll forget how much I dislike this shirt if Fernando Llorente’s will be extra tight. That’s all it takes. Hahaha!

  14. Nope – Don’t like it. pale blue just isn’t a color that hot dudes should wear.

  15. i miss fernando torres

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