another job I’d like

Well, I’ve been directed to the works of photographer Gustaff Choos, a Spanish photographer from Zaragoza, who shoots a lot of the campaigns Adidas runs with its Spain-based stars.  That includes these windbreaker shots, Xavi’s 100 games photo shoot, as well as this photo shoot showing off the Tango 12 ball.  And the lucky guy has also done portraits of some of our favorite boys!  He makes them look pretty fantastic (love the black and white) but when the subjects are as handsome as these guys, it’s not difficult at all!

The studio was also involved a tribute to David Villa when he became La Roja’s top goalscorer…

… as well as more shots of the boys for Adidas.

And since every post needs a little Javi (!!!), here’s their compilation shot from the Tango 12 photo shoot.


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  1. Me gusta!! especially Xabi & Llorente (those eyes..) :)

  2. For some reason the first one of Xabi isn’t the best photo. I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong with it. I love black and white photos of Silva though. His freckles really show up in those.

  3. Fabulous Una. Welcome back from vacay! :P

  4. meh. i don’t like the black and white photos at all … he’s the only photographer who can manage to make xabi look unattractive! but that photo of villa with his arms outstretched is lovely. :)

  5. Villa’s is amazing. I love Xabi with the hood. Robert Downing Jr aka Xavi looks hot. And El Pony Silva well sizzling. Well done.

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