Juan Mata at El Mundo Magazine

This week’s edition of El Mundo’s Magazine is dedicated to London, and one of the reports is on 20 Spaniards living in London.  One of these happen to be none other than PF Juan Mata!  He’s pictured with Westminister Bridge and Big Ben in the background, and looking like a high school athlete.

Juan Mata.  Burgos, 25 years old, footballer.

He arrived in August as the star signing of Chelsea and it didn’t take him long to learn how to handle the whirl that is London.  He moved to an apartment near Battersea Bridge, on the shore of the Thames, instead of living in a suburb like many of his teammates.  The world champion prefers to take the Tube because “it’s easier and you get to any place faster than if you drove a car.”  He confesses that except when he runs into a Spaniard that recognizes him, he can enjoy anonymity when he walks around the city: “not everyone likes football!”  Mata spends his free days exploring the city and he’s posted on his Facebook an album of his favorite places.  “When I walk around the streets, I don’t think about how I’m a footballer, I feel like one more Londoner.”  He says, “I like Soho, Camden and Brick Lane.”  He also often goes to King’s Road: “it’s close to my house and it has a great park.”

Some pictures of the “making of” here, courtesy of Juanín’s Facebook.

And here is a video he made of his first six months in London!  PF talks about how he loves the city and how he loves exploring it, and how he’s getting used to driving on the left.  Plus, like a true Spaniard, he talks about how difficult it is for him to have meals at noon!  Jajaja!  That is one of the typical complaints of Spaniards living abroad.

Note: please do not use the information to stalk PF, despite how adorable he is!


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  1. Juanín has been many magazines’ favourite interviewee lately, no? Who can blame them!

  2. While reading the article, I thought “AHA!! So that’s where he goes!”, then I read your note… Darn. And to think I was already planning a trip with Juan Mata as my itinerary. :))

  3. Thanks Una, I’m looking for PF now. (just kidding)

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