I love the banter…

And since we’re always curious about footballers and their English speaking abilities…

David Villa (well, David’s team) sent out this tweet on Tuesday, to bring attention to a UNICEF campaign to help children suffering from malnutrition.  Upon seeing this, Cesc tweeted back (in Spanish), “what English dictionary do you use to write so well?  You don’t even know how to say hello (in English).”

And David’s response (in Spanish, though he should have written in English to really get his point across, no?) was, “you’re a great teacher for me!  I didn’t need to live eight years in London to speak English well, jaja.”

P.S. David’s team should share this “dictionary” with Iker.  A party will not be easy, cronies!


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  1. Thanks for the translation! Saw this yesterday and was laughing.

  2. David sharing his translator with Iker was the first thing that came to my mind. But I’d love to continue seeing things like “A party will not be easy, cronies” on Iker’s FB page. Those google-translated posts are classic!

  3. I figured he was using the Twitter translate options on some of the applications for tweeting. Facebook should make one for Iker!

  4. COMPLETELY OFF-TOPIC: This is club-related, but I am sure readers of this blog and La Roja fans everywhere would enjoy this picture of epic Puyol booty from last night’s CdR game:

    This is the sort of thing that transcends club rivalries. Oh, yes. More, please.

  5. I don’t think Iker needs that dictionary any more, because he posted this in completely understandable English:
    Today, for the fourth consecutive year, the IFFHS has chosen me as the best goalkeeper in the world in 2011.
    I only have words of gratitude for this recognition.
    It is not easy to get again this award because of the very high level of the other goalkeepers in Europe and rest of the world.
    Every year the demand and competition is higher.
    I will try again in 2012 to fight for this prize awarded by IFFHS.

    Thank you very much to all of you, those who support me unconditionally. This is your prize too!

    too bad.. Ikerlish is the best language :P

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