Javi (!!!) is excited about 2012

Newspaper Diario de Navarra recently published an article on reasons to be excited about 2012, and they interviewed people from a normal couple expecting twins to our Javi Martínez (!!!).

Playing in the Eurocopa

He believes that each year is more important than the one before.  That’s why, at his 23 years of age, Javi Martínez has reasons to “take a bite” out of 2012.  He’s very willing in front of the cameras, and he was also very curious about how this newspaper functions, peering into every corner that he passed by.  He admits that studying journalism is one of his pending tasks.  And his mother’s dream, he laughs.  “But as an investigative reporter, ¿eh?,” he says immediately.  “Or freelance.”

He’s more than used to giving interviews and answering questions when he leaves the field, where his profession and his passion are.  Javi Martínez knows that he’s fortunate to make a living off of doing something that he really likes, although it takes him away from his studies.  “By the time I was five, the only thing that motivated me was playing football,” he reveals.  For this Navarro, who became a world champion a year and a half ago, his 2012 is full of distinct sporting expectations.  And he expects wins.

Tomorrow for him is a day of hope.  Jan. 1, and after all those hours of work, hopefully he can enjoy, in a few months time, two great sporting events of his career: the Eurocopa and the Olympics.  “This is the year.  It is because Spain is the favorite for the Eurocopa.  Then there are the Olympic Games, and there is a possibility of playing in that, although we’ll see,” he says calmly.  He begins to get excited when he’s asked how he’s facing these challenges.  “Getting called up by Vicente del Bosque?  Bua, this is any player’s dream and this year it’s mine.  I have more possibilities than when I went to the World Cup,” he confesses.  He says he’s facing it with anxiety, and he also says that July 11, 2010, when Spain became world champion, seems very far away.  “It seems that it was a long time ago,” he says of the “most intense” experience of his life.  As a dreamer, he affirms that he still has “many things to achieve.”  That includes going forward 12 months and imagining a Liga title with his team, Athletic Bilbao, in 2013.  It’s something that is very “emotional” for him, principally for the passion that the fans have in each and every game.  “It’s a religion.”

The significance of his land

In spite of all this, he always remembers his beginnings and the red shirt he wore during seven years at Osasuna.  “With them, I grew magnificently as a player and also as a person.  I have a lot of affection for them,” he says.  It’s the club of his land, the one he always misses whenever he’s far away from Ayegui, where his parents are from, and from Navarra.  “My childhood friends, my family, my girlfriend and all my memories are here.”  [Javi (!!!) finally got a girlfriend?  Yay!]

That’s why returning during these dates is something that he says he needs: “I try to disconnect and have fun.”  It will be something that he’ll be doing in five days time, when he’ll change his personality and go by the name Melchor, his favorite king.  “No one gives me any gifts now because they don’t know what to give me.  Now it’s my turn to be one of the kings, I have four nieces and nephews.  I love doing this.”

Before returning to Bilbao and those responsibilities, he spends time with his people.  Here, with his paisanos, he says he feels “great.”  “When I come, I receive many tokens of affection,” he comments.  He also says he hopes that the crisis will be one of the few “bad situations of this year, although it’s very difficult.”  Meanwhile, he’ll continue fighting for his victories.  They’ll be ours too.


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  1. I love the way he speaks about his club…and I say this as an outsider, that’s not MY club. Also, not gonna lie, I’m a wee bit jealous of that ball :P

  2. Aww Javi is officially off the market! Hope he chose a great girl. Una do you have something you want to share with your readers? ;0)

  3. Lovely piece. He’s got a good head on his shoulder. Thanks for sharing!

  4. oh, a sweetheart! I cannot not notice the GF part though. I am happy for Javi (!!!) but I cannot help – I am little heartbroken too!!!! I hope he at least found a nice girl.

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