happy Friday!!!

A week and a half ago, Benjamín Zarandona (whom I only know about due to that infamous Halloween party) headed to Bilbao to interview Ander Herrera for Cuatro.  And of course, no meeting with Ander is complete without some Javi Martínez (!!!), yay!  I love Ander for inviting him (!!!) along!  Javi (!!!) says that at first Ander didn’t like Japanese food and was a big pain about it when they went to eat Japanese.  And when asked about the Eurocopa and how the qualifying went,  Javi (!!!) responds, “people always tells me that there’s no way to explain what being a father is like.  Well, it’s like that, I don’t know how to explain what it’s like being a world champion.”*  Watch the video here.

* I’d be more than happy to help Javi (!!!) out so that he can feel what being a father is like, to our children (!).  [One exclamation mark, because after all, half of their genes come from Javi Martínez (!!!).]


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  1. Hahaha you’re the best!

    I do wish I only read your post though and didn’t watch to the interview. A couple of Ander’s answers leave me judging him (I’m sure you can guess which ones :P), loving judge but still haha.

  2. beyond adorable, Javi!

    and the (!) exclamation mark for your kids – hilarious!

  3. I willing to help them both :$

    Jesus, I’m afraid if Ander said there Mou and Ronaldo, he would be perfect! and nobody’s perfect :(

    I just love them both so much! cracks… gracias!

  4. damn..Javi can use chopsticks better than I can =(

  5. bwahahaha! that’s hilarious, una, and so *you*. heh!

  6. Thanks for that GIF of Javi with chopsticks! I’m hoping I’ll pick something up from it. I’m of Chinese descent and whenever I try and use chopsticks, I end up frustrated and barely eating! :))

    And that single exclamation mark comment was brilliant! Happy holidays, Una!

  7. I’d go have sushi with Javi whenever.

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