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David Villa is out for possibly six months after breaking his tibia while playing with his club in the Club World Cup.  As this type of injury usually requires six months of recovery time, David’s participation in this summer’s Eurocopa is in doubt.  So, good thoughts and a ¡mucho ánimo! go out to David; let’s hope he recovers as soon as possible.  And hopefully, other Spanish forwards can step it up in these last six months before the tournament and during the actual tournament, so that we won’t miss David too much if he is unable to recover in time.

Many of his La Roja teammates have sent their best wishes in the form of tweets, such as Gerard Piqué, Sergio Ramos, Fernando Llorente, Cesc, PF Juan Mata, Carles Puyol, Pepe Reina, Iker Casillas (who has already spoken to David) or Andrés Iniesta.

El Guaje himself said (via Facebook) that “I’m convinced that I’ll recover quickly, and I’m thinking about playing in the final in Munich and in the Eurocopa.  I’m going to work hard for that.  Count on me!!!”

Meanwhile, VDB said this was very bad news, but added that there are six more months to go before he has to give out the list for the Eurocopa, and “some recover faster than others” and so “we’ll see, we’ll wait and see.”


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  1. Shit! You have no idea how pissed off all Barca people are right now. This bloody tournament is a joke! Poor David has a broken leg, Alexis something minor with with hamstring, Masche something else (I know those two don’t belong at this webside so sorry) and Puyi was sidelined for a few minutes during a game after a foul and while he did come back on the pitch we never know with this guy … Redicolous bloody tournament which means nothing but some level of prestige and is not bloody worth any of this! Poor David!

  2. Oh! And Puyi tweeted too : “Ánimos para el Guaje!! Seguro que pronto estará a tope otra vez, su lesión es un duro golpe para el vestuario. Ahora intentaremos dedicarle el título. Saludos.” according to @BarcaTheOffside it means: Courage to El Guaje! I’m sure he’ll be back soon, his injury is a hard blow to the team. We’ll try to dedicate him the title.

  3. and from Bojan: “Very sad about Villa’s injury, he’s an idol for me and above all, a great person. You’ll be back soon, Guaje, and stronger!” (@BoKrkic) (Muy triste x la lesión d Villa, 1referente para mi y sbretodo 1enorme persona. Volverás pronto Guaje,y con +fuerza q nunca! 1abrazo dsd Roma)

  4. oh no, I just saw the vid from this terrible incident – it looked dramatic -do not watch it if you don;t have stron nerves for watching things like that. I can;t get the picture out of my head now, poor poor David!!!!

    I am sure he will be fine, if I remember correctly Djibril Cisse broke leg in a similar way many years ago, and I think two times – I might be wrong in this, but his break was also serious and he managed to come back to fitness.

    sending good thoughts for fast recovery to our El Guaje!!!!!

  5. @stuholden Stuart Holden
    Gutted to wake up and hear the news about David Villa, never like seeing players get injured and having to go through long rehab! #suerte

    You still have a lot of goals to score, Picho. You’re great and you’ll still be so, soon you’ll be back. Big hug” #animsVilla (@juanmata10)

    @R9Soldado Roberto Soldado
    Toda la suerte del mundo para David Villa. Espero q vuelvas pronto, España te necesita. – retweeted by santicanizares

    @aguerosergiokun Sergio Aguero
    I’ve just heard of Villa’s injury. I wish him a swift recovery. Hope you get back on the field soon, Guaje!

    But it can’t be a happy night after Guaje’s injury! We hope we can dedicate him this title! Lots of support, Guaje!!” (@Thi_Alcantara91)

    Guti_SER Guti
    Siento la lesion de mi compañero david villa al q le deseo una pronta recuperacion, animo grande. –
    “Very sorry about the injury to my mate David Villa, wishing him a quick recovery. Courage!” (@Guti_SER)

    sorry for all this spamming but when I posted Puyi and Bo I didn’t realize how many athletes actually tweeted their support.

  6. Still can’t believe it… Que te recuperes muy pronto, Guaje. I already miss him.

  7. I feel so sad for Villa. All my best wishes go out to him.

  8. pobrecito =( I hope David gets well soon. I’m crossing my fingers for whichever forwards Del Bosque calls up.

  9. hope he gets better. He’s a real important part of La Roja! Also wishing him good thoughts…!

  10. Wish you well David and a speedy recovery!

  11. Was following the game at 6AM, and was absolutely gutted when I saw the news. Villa is my favorite player on La Roja. Here’s to a speedy recovery and I hope that he gets to make it to the Eurocup this summer! Mucho animo!

  12. BTW, I was happy to see all the support from not only his club teammates who are on the Seleccion (Pique, Iniesta, Cesc, Puyol, Thiago), but also his other Seleccion teammates (Ramos, Capdevila, Llorente, Mata, Reina)!

    And I love that Villa posted himself on FB and hopes to be back soon for club and country!

  13. God, I was so freaked out when I saw Sid Lowe’s comment on Twitter. Genuinely thought his bone popped out – as in breaking the surface of the skin. (Of course later he tweeted that the bone popped out of its place, so phew.)

    In any case, terrible news! I dearly hope he recovers fast and well.

  14. I was heartbroken when I heard about his injury. I almost cried. The thought of 6 months on the sidelines horrified me, but then Barcelona’s official website said it was actually 4 to 5 months and although that’s still such a long time, it’s better than half a year. I really, really hope he’ll be at Euro 12. I can’t imagine Spain without him. Animo Guaje! Recover soon. We’re all with you <3

  15. am gutted for dahveed. this is awful and i can only imagine how heartbroken he is. but i’m sure el guaje is getting the best care and will do everything in his power to be fit for the euro cup … am wishing him the speediest of recoveries!

    PS iker also left him a nice message on his facebook page today. i don’t speak spanish, but i *think* it says something about friendship being stronger than clubs and wishing him a speedy recovery:

    Este es un mensaje de animo para un compañero y buen amigo como el “Guaje”. Te deseamos una pronta recuperación crack! Por encima de los colores que defendemos esta la amistad, y tu eres amigo. Un abrazo y aunque ya he hablado contigo, desde aquí te mandamos una pronta recuperación. El fútbol te echa de menos…

  16. fuente: (

    “La lesión de David es una fatal noticia para todo el fútbol, más aún para el FC Barcelona, la Selección y todos los que formamos parte de ella. Deseo que se recupere lo antes posible, le necesitamos con nosotros y desde aquí quiero transmitirle todo mi apoyo”, ha declarado el ‘9’ de la selección española (Fernando Torres)

  17. Go to If you want to post your support to El Guaje! All our prayers for his safe and swift return to Barca and La Roja!

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