sí, me gusta

What?  Javi (!!!) was asking about the ball?  I didn’t even notice the ball in the picture!  Adidas recently released photos of the Spanish players with the Tango 12 ball, the one that will be used in the 2012 Eurocopa.

As you can see, here we have the honor graduate of the La Roja Modeling Academy, who is of course Xabi Alonso.  His namesakes Xavi and Javi (!!!) aren’t so bad either.  Well, Javi (!!!) can do no wrong in my eyes.  The amount of wrong he can do is inversely proportionate to the amount of clothing he wears.

Fernando Llorente is another natural at that modeling thing, while I would be impressed with David Villa’s “blue steel” pose, except he looks like that basically all the time.

I get that the ball is supposed to be the focus, but again, who would look at the ball when you have Álvaro, Santi and David’s adorable faces behind it?

Bonus David Silva and Xabi.  The one time Silva has ever appeared bigger than Xabi.  And I love how Xabi has stuck his tongue out in concentration.


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  1. Great post Una!

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    I hope you’ll be very delighted to read this…


  2. hm I love the ball! Well compared with the Jabulani anyway. My favourite is probably still the one from Euro 08, but I like how colourful this one is.

  3. Silva’s kit looks lalmost a little too big for him, right?

  4. xabi/javi(!!!) overdose!!! i can’t get this smile off my face! :)
    would you hate me if i say i want javi too? or are you willing to share? ;)

    thanks una!

  5. ohhh I love it!!

    Javi’s smile in the second pic of him is so huge it’s awkwardly adorable <3

    Although I don't get why they made them hold the ball out really far with both hands, that looks kind of awkward.

    David Villa's pic still the best in my opinion <3

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