if only I could have them as dinner guests

Xabi Alonso attended a presentation of La Gula del Norte’s Christmas campaign yesterday in Madrid.  He and Carles Puyol star in the campaign, which will air starting on Dec. 8 until Christmas Eve or Three Kings’ Day, depending on its success.  It’s also centered around the clásico, due to the two main protagonists and the slogan “many times the important things happen around good food.”  In the ad, we have Xabi preparing his house and dinner, because he’s expecting a special guest – Puyi.

(I bet Xabi totally helps around the house with the cleaning and preparations in real life.  We already know he cooks, one more way that he’s perfect.)

Xabi said he accepted to promote La Gula del Norte along with Puyol because “I have a special affection for the brand due to its relationship with my entire family.  I’ve always consumed their products both here and when I was abroad, when I played in Liverpool.  And it’s always good to sit down at a table to eat with a friend such as Puyol.”  On the subject of Puyol, Xabi said, “Puyi and I get along very well, he’s a great guy, and what happens on the field is completely distinct from what happens here (indicating at the table, meaning off the field).”  He also said that he likes the product itself, that he often uses it when he cooks, and that he likes to cook for his family and friends.  According to Angulas Aguinaga’s (the company that makes the La Gula del Norte line and no relation to Javi (!!!), sadly) director of marketing, “the relationship with Xabi comes from way back, since the workshop of his father was next to that of Aguinaga in San Sebastián, and he saw how the company grew.  We also sent Xabi gulas while he was playing in Liverpool.”

Meanwhile, Carles said via a taped video message as he wasn’t able to attend the presentation, “it’s a pleasure to collaborate with La Gula del Norte and Xabi, we had a great time at the table, laughing and remembering fun moments.  I’m sorry I couldn’t be here, you’re missing out on a great chef.  I often prepare pasta with La Gula del Norte before games, as it gives me a lot of strength.”

The set was made to look like Xabi’s house, complete with personal photos hanging on the walls.  How adorable is little Xabi in a txapela?

I also love the bowl haircut!

Here’s the full making of video.

By the way, “angulas” are baby eels and the “La Gula del Norte” product is a less pricier alternative, as it consists of imitation baby eels.


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  1. What a cute commercial and concept! I love seeing La Roja members of different club teams doing things like this during the season :).

  2. American readers might not know that the real thing (baby eels or elvers) is only available fresh seasonally in Spain; you can buy canned ones year round, but they are very expensive.

    I haven’t tried the imitation ones to see how they compare to the real thing (which I think is amazingly good). But Xabi seems to know a thing or two about food; if he is willing to do a commercial for them, that’s a good recommendation…

  3. Oooooooohhhh Puyi is such a great guy!!! He is humble, funny, strong… I love watching him staring at a match (almost as much as watching him playing) because he does so funny faces! He is totally absorbed in it!

  4. I love the “You’ll Never Walk Alone” scarf, I wonder if Xabi brought all of that from his own house/collection (because I spy a framed WC jersey too) or if they found duplicates of some things for the set?

  5. I loved the whole ad and the making of it.

    I’ve gotta ask though: what are imitation baby eels? I’m really curious here.

  6. Xabier Alonso Olano = perfection in a human being. How can someone make setting a table look so sexy? No one else could! He’s so adorable when Puyi makes him laugh around 2:35! And just him taking a bite at 3:04! The most normal things that only he could make into things I want to watch over and over again! In fact, I already watched that video 3x through and I plan to watch again after I write this. He give me chills.

    I also love that it’s Puyi! He’s no Xabi but he’s a cutie also and we don’t see these two interact that much so I’m glad we do here! I wish we could have heard what they were saying to each other though! I guess we need to wait to hear that.

  7. Sorry, would comment on something else, but I’m mesmerized by the way Xabi eats…

  8. Xabi, Puyol and gulas – can this campaign be any more perfect?? I hope there will be more videos! :D Thank you so much for sharing and explaining!!

  9. This is just wonderful. I hope everyone takes a lesson from these two great & classy men how to handle rivalries. They are adorable! :)

    Now I will resume my swooning over the glorious perfection of Xabier Alonso! *fans self*

  10. I have no words literally, for Xabi.

    I hope some clones of him do walk on this earth and happen to be in my area so I could meet one of them, fall in love and marry.


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