did they do it?

Remember the promises that our boys made, in the event that Spain would win the World Cup?  Well, I thought it would be fun to take a look back, and see who have been promise keepers and who have been promise breakers.

The real promise keepers.

Sergio Ramos – he promised to get a tattoo of the World Cup, and I predicted he would go through it.  And he has!  His tattoo artist Leo Millares posted these photos earlier this week.

Here’s the finished tattoo.  All this just begs the question, will Sergio be tattooing his other trophies on his legs as well?

Álvaro Arbeloa – he had promised to go one year without drinking Coke.  Later on in the year (2010), he broke that promise, and said he’d start again on Jan. 1.  He then upped the ante by promising to add one year if Xabi joined twitter.  Since Mr. Alonso did, the promise is now for two years.  In April, Álvaro tweeted that it had been 100 days without drinking Coke, and he’s tweeted similar things since, so it looks like he has been true to his word.

Raúl Albiol – he is in fact taking English classes at the moment.  Hopefully we will hear the results of his hard work sometime soon, along with Xavi, Fernando Llorente and all the other players who are taking English classes.

The ones who made easily kept promises, so it took no effort.

Gerard Piqué – he promised go all out celebrating.  Yes, I think he has fulfilled that one.

Víctor Valdés – he promised to go all out celebrating with the team, and while he didn’t approach Piqué-craziness levels, I’m sure he had a good time.

Pedro – he did celebrate with his loved ones, and return to Tenerife.

Sergio Busquets – in the summer of 2010, he did go to Punta Cana on vacation with friends.

The ones who still have time.

These all involve travel plans…

Carlos Marchena, Andrés Iniesta, Fernando Torres: all of them promised to walk the Camino de Santiago, without specifying when.  Road trip!

PF Juan Mata – he promised to do the ruta del Cares in Asturias and travel to California.

Xabi Alonso – he promised to go around the world.  Well, he has been around the world with club and country in the 16 months since the World Cup, but I don’t think that’s what he meant.

David Silva – he hasn’t walked the Virgen del Carmen (the patron saint of Arguineguín) route yet (as far as I know), but in July 2010, he did participate in festival for the virgin, including the maritime procession.

Jesús Navas – Jesús promised to return to Johannesburg with his family and his girlfriend, which he hasn’t done yet, although he has converted his girlfriend into his wife.

The promise breakers.

Fernando Llorente – he has not gone skydiving, and I’m sure that as long as he’s under contract with his club, he won’t be allowed to.

Javi Martínez (!!!) – he did not dye his hair neon pink and did not go skydiving “naked and without a parachute” much to my eternal disappointment (the naked part, not the without a parachute part).  Unfortunately, this is as naked as he got (not nearly enough).

Xavi – he promised to shave everyone’s heads.  Thank goodness he didn’t fulfill that promise (VV and Pepe don’t count).

Joan Capdevila – I can’t see him getting a tattoo of the World Cup, so I’m putting him in this category.

Pepe – unfortunately, Pepito didn’t grow a goatee and did not compose an updated version of “camarero,” although he did give us a new version of the descriptions of his teammates.

The ones who didn’t promise anything, so they have no obligations.

Iker Casillas, Carles Puyol – didn’t make any promises.

Cesc – he wrote, “I will invite all my friends because I’ve never lived anything like it and I feel like one of them.”

David Villa – he only wrote “let the celebration be bigger than the Eurocopa one.”  Though David didn’t make a promise, he did get the prediction right, as the celebration was the biggest thing Spain has ever seen.


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  1. We should be grateful Xavi didn’t keep his promise. He did have one bald episode around 2003 and it should never happen again … never! Take a look if you have never seen this before but feel warned: http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ljsvxuUQ2r1qgrwvyo1_500.jpg

  2. as much as i love our boys i have to say that their promises have been quite predictable.

  3. wooo Sergio finally got the tattoo! But really, I would be more surprised if he didn’t get one…

  4. heh. i like this. :) (any excuse for you to post the javi underwear shots, eh, una? not that i’m complaining! jejeje!)

    i wish iker would have made some sort of promise involving not wearing base layers any more, or going without his iphone for a year (can you imagine??), or speaking more in his adorable ‘english’, or burning all his purses, or only allowing stylists to dress him, or … :)

  5. Even though I knew Sergio had promised to get this tattoo done, I really don’t like the end effect of it. And the placement! I can’t imagine how his tattoo must be itching considering RM is pretty much playing back to back games!

  6. Oh Sergio, why not on the six pack or anywhere near so we could see some body whenever you’d be asked to prove you indeed get this tatoo? ;-)

    I totally forgot this video of Pique celebrating, I have to admit, but I used to watch it frequently for the highschool-like entertainment just after the WC. It’s been some time since I finished highschool so I sometimes like to watch dudes having fun like that and Pique is brilliant in celebrations (except when he celebrates someting won against RM – I am boycotting those ones;-)). His prettiness adds the special effect so I now will play this vid like 10 times more;-))

    Una’s Javi – those pics are of course -sooo hooot! I agree with every word you say there Una!

    Thanks for a great post, those times were so fun and the post-game celebration (count in days) – the coolest ever!

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