a little note…

… just to let you know that I’m traveling these couple of days, so updates will come whenever I get a bit of free time.  I don’t want you to think that just because Javi (!!!) was sent home, I have no interest in the team!  Besides, Iker will stand alone at the top of Spain’s list of most capped players when he plays in his 127th game against Costa Rica (VDB has confirmed that Iker will play in that game, along with Valdés), and I can’t wait for that moment!  I can’t believe it either, since I remember game number one very clearly.


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  1. bahaha! i would never think you abandoned the team, certainly not as long as iker was still on it! ;) 127 matches … that’s just incredible. i’m so proud of him! and i’m glad i was there to see his 126th! (though i STILL cannot believe they lost! i’m in shock!)

  2. That’s okay :) traveling is fun! I can understand that you want to get away sometime
    but is there gonna be an ICYMI of England-Spain? the game really sucked but it was Iker’s 126th cap Yay!
    anyway, enjoy your mini-holiday, you deserve it!

  3. Una, enjoy your travels! I had a great time at Wembley, despite the result, it was brilliant to see the wonderful Spanish team in the flesh, all looking gorgeous!!!! I felt so lucky being able to watch them play.

    And I missed the England goal – I was looking at the Spanish bench as Fernando Torres was getting ready to warm up as a substitute!!!!!!! I haven’t seen him since January, so I had to make the most of the opportunity!!!!

  4. I cant believe it either, 127 caps, the thing is it get in him to reach 150, even 200 too ( I am being little bit dreamy here).

  5. For Iker, I don’t know his first game with national team, but I do remember the game in which he caught all my attention: 2002 WC against ireland. Can’t believe the young boy have created so many record and history!

  6. Happy travels, Una!

  7. Una, Una, when you come back look at this, I can’t express my love for Iker after seeing this. Pure beauty!!!!

    I can cry myself to sleep watching this over and over.oh.

  8. Sorry I forgot to add-I know this was posted here, the video, I just found a bit longer version (like 20 sec LOL), so I thought every second counts and I will post it;-))) I hope I will be forgiven;-))

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