the La Roja modeling academy

The new shirt is out, and to sell it, Adidas turned to our players to model it.  A simple, yet effective idea.  So, which one is the best model?  I think you all can tell who gets my vote… it was no contest really, although of course I prefer it when Javi Martínez (!!!) wears less.

I’ve obviously stared at the photos too much, because I’m slightly bothered by the fact that Javi’s (!!!) shorts are off-center… (and now you all know where I was staring…).

Álvaro Arbeloa and Álvaro Negredo.  The camera is over here…

Fernando Llorente and Santi Cazorla (the only ones without the same name).  Fernando’s shirt looks a bit loose, was the tight one not available for the photo session?

David Silva and David Villa.

Xabi Alonso and Xavi Hernández.


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  1. So hard to choose, so hard to choose… I would say Xavi and Xabi. While David’s bitchface is normal, I wish that adorable Santi had smiled for his picture! It’s strange seeing him trying to be badass :).

  2. I suppose they wouldn’t let Xabi put his hands on his hips, so he insisted on crossing his arms in both pics… :p

  3. Awkward school photos for the win!

  4. does ever-ever villa smile?
    they all look good!

  5. As beautiful as it is to watch these guys play football, it’s also oh-so-beautiful to just watch them.

    ps. There’s no way I could choose. It might have to a 6-way tie for me with points only deducted from Santi for hiding his sunshine, Fer for hiding his body and Villa for the identical pose in both photos (or is the second one just the first zoomed in?).

  6. aw I guess some of our boys aren’t allowed to model them because they’re with Nike? Come on, Arbeloa, don’t slouch!

  7. oh i’m loving these pictures!!! thank you una!!!

  8. looks great…

  9. Where is Iker??????

  10. Xabi, of course, was the only one allowed to pull off his boss-pose for the general shot. Classic.

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