everything begins all over again

Here is Adidas’ new campaign for La Roja, “El pasado no cuenta.  Todo vuelve a empezar” (the past does not count, everything begins all over again).  Despite the absence of Javi (!!!), bare chests and drops of sweat trickling down Xabi’s torso, I quite like the concept because it’s true, we can’t rest on our laurels and we have to go out fighting, because we are now the team that everyone wants to beat.

Adidas says this new shirt has a “simple and elegant” design that represents the “spirit of humility” of the world champions.  The darker red color symbolizes a more mature and consolidated team.  The “retro design” on the chest gives a “different touch” to the shirt, but without overshadowing the escudo and the estrella.  Inside the neck is an inscription paying tribute to 1964 and 2008.  Meanwhile, Iker will be wearing yellow; I like the red and yellow combination of course!

The video says:

Iker: no one came to welcome us back [Iker’s husky voice is sexy, no?]

Silva: we hadn’t created a new style of playing.

Xabi: we weren’t admired by the entire world.

Iker: we didn’t bring an entire country out onto the streets.

Villa: I wasn’t the top goalscorer.

Llorente: we didn’t know how to withstand the pressure.

VDB: we hadn’t changed our way of understanding football.

Xavi: I wasn’t the best player of the Eurocopa.

Llorente: we’re not a team [I like the players changing in the back].

Xavi: we’re not champions of Europe.

Villa: we’re not champions of the world.

The past doesn’t count.  Everything begins all over again.


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  1. Brigitta Babuschik

    thanks, now I understand the posts on Facebook from the boys yesterday :)

  2. i love so much that the shirt has so much symbolism in it, and i love the message they’re putting out, too. :) and, um. iker keep talking. please. mmm.

  3. Love it. The new shirts are beautiful and I can’t wait to see the team play in them!

  4. How many more times should I watch it? Iker’s confused/WTF? look at 00:43 was actually kinda funny. still a great vid, nonetheless.

  5. I love this ad :) and I also like the new shirts :) thank god there’s a tighter version too for Llorente ^.^
    and yes, Iker’s voice is damn sexy xD

  6. iker, your posture in that first photo is TERRIBLE! stand up straight!

    but my god, yes, his voice … and that broody little look at the very end … *sigh*

    love this advert! LOVE it. love every single solitary thing about it. thanks, una!

  7. They could easily be all models. Especially Iker. That look in the last scene… who isn’t melting here?

  8. Oh wow you are so right about Iker’s voice in the beginning of that! Also, Iker is ALWAYS a banana now :)

  9. Surprisingly effective acting from Iker! And I agree about the voice.

    I miss sweaty torso!Xabi, though.

  10. I love the adidas commercial!

  11. Ahh…now Llorente’s post on FB make sense!

    Love the video. Love the campaign. Love these guys! <3

  12. I really like this video! It’s very original and unusual, and I also approve of the message! :D And the players are looking wonderfully adorable saying all those things, all sheepish and pouty. XDDDD The shirt looks fantastic too – maybe this time I’ll finally get myself a red Spain shirt! ;)

  13. Aaah, everything about the ad is beautiful! I only understood bits and pieces of what was said, so thank you for the (full) translation! Also, holy Batman, yes! to Iker’s sexy voice! The jersey’s a pretty thing, can’t wait to get it. Now we get the mustard + ketchup combo for the national team, too!

  14. YES! Iker’s husky voice is so sexy! And that closeup of him right at the end is absolute perfection. Just gorgeous.

    And I didn’t realize Fer’s voice was soooo deep.

    I like that VDB was in the ad as well!

  15. Frickin amazing video!!!!! Aupa España!

  16. I watched it earlier and loved it. Beautiful.

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