when the Liga imitates the World Cup

Remember this moment from June 29, 2010, when Spain faced Portugal in the World Cup round of 16, the game in which Fernando Llorente became known as “el camión de La Roja”?

Well, on Nov. 6, 2011, it happened again, only this time while Fernando was playing with his club.  In both cases, his shirt ended up as it does in many girls’ dreams, ripped up and exposing his chest.

Bonus Fernando and Javi (!!!) because I’m feeling generous.  And because both of them look so good wet.

Special thanks to Ricardo Carvalho and Javier Mascherano for their help with this post.  Can we start raising money to bribe an English and/or Costa Rican player to do the same later this week and next, and to Javi (!!!) as well?  Because Giorgio Chiellini obviously didn’t try hard enough.


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  1. Thank you Carvalho and Mascherano! :)

  2. Now I know what I want for Christmas!!! If by some miracle I get the chance to do the same as Carvalho / Mascherano, I will personally video it and you will be the first one I send a copy to, Una! :D

  3. Ooh Una thanks for this post with the pictures! I kept reading about Llorente getting his shirt ripped but saw no proof as I missed watching the game. And I guess you did watch the game for some wet Javi(!!!) :)? Or at least the highlights!

  4. Special thanks indeed to our shirt-ripping friends… you reckon we could bribe an opposing defender each matchday? Because just once does not seem enough…

    (This may also be the only time I have expressed appreciation for Mascherano. But he done gooood. I do wonder how hard you would have to tug to make one of the regular Athletic jerseys rip like that though… they’re pretty sturdy garments!)

  5. Thank you! Thank you! I found myself just staring at the computer screen for minutes at a time!!!

  6. Somehow I knew this would end up in here, even if it is Liga not NT! That was a fantastic game to watch, and not just for all the wet footballers, either.

    Llorente isn’t my personal cup of tea, but I am happy to support any movement whose success will result in shirtless footballers. Puyol can be honorary president. :)

  7. oh Una, you are always ahead of me. I was thinking while reading & fapping that we must thank Carvalho & Mascherano & of course, you beat me to it, dear!

    steamy wet Basques? #swooning……………………………….

  8. I was WTH de ja vu, but gotta love that game was so intense, the rain was brilliant. It was like the gods, an epic battle from Greek mythology and all the fotos of Fer and co were fabulous. My favorite game this season so far!

  9. looooool!! I’m in!
    i love fernando in the second gif….

  10. UNA I LOVE YOU!!!! (as you know I support Barcelona) and when I saw this .. I was like … JAVIER MASCHERANO!!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! … I think he was the best player on that field .. Cause really that was the best part of the game … x_X … Thanks for that GIF … I LOVE IT!!! =) … I wish more player would do that … I know it wrong … but its soooo wrong that it is right …

  11. It’s been a while since I could applaud Masche, but you’ve given me the opportunity!

    It looks like Llorente wore a black undershirt later. Come on, Floris, no base layers, even if you’re being forcefully exposed.

    • Nah, the Athletic jersey just has a faux-base layer detailing around the neck and sleeves. And really, what would Fer need with base layers when he’s so hot already? :-P

  12. Why don’t they just play without shirts? That really would be for the best. Think about the economic and environmental impact that these shirts create. Taking them out of the equation, altogether, would have a positive impact all around. It’s a no-brainer!!!

  13. That match was so amazing. I like to imagine them all going down the tunnel to the dressing room, steaming & taking off their soaked uniforms… *dreamy eyed*

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