Mr. & Mrs. Valdés at DT

Víctor Valdés and his wife Yolanda Cardona are featured in the latest issue of DT magazine, and the chemistry is evident (if the photos don’t convince you, go see the making of video here).

In the accompanying interview, VV describes himself as a simple person, who likes being in a good mood, and for that to be transmitted to his loved ones.

The rest of the highlights:

Lately, we’ve seen you in different fashion spreads dressed as a bad boy, as a dandy, as an aggressive executive, as Prince Charming and as a metrosexual.  Which of these styles is closest to your own?

I’ve never worried much about fashion, and much less when it comes time to dress myself.  I also put on the first thing that catches my eye, which is usually a pair of jeans with a shirt.  However, I do have a weakness for leather jackets.

How was the photo session?

It was great.  It was very pleasant, with spectacular clothing [or a lack of, no?].  We felt very comfortable, mostly due to the great atmosphere that existed between everyone there.

We could see the chemistry…

I believe it came about naturally.  I feel very fortunate to always have my wife with me.  As a couple, we’ve gotten along perfectly from the very first day.

What do you do when you lose a game?

When I lose, the best thing for me is to put on music and listen to “my friend” Bob Marley and to forget about the world for a little while…

Almost everyone knows that you and Andrés Iniesta are great friends, that you call him “my brother” on twitter and Facebook.  But not many people know where this friendship came from.  Does it have anything to do with the fact that the two of you are so different?

Our friendship goes way back, from when we grew up together in La Masía, more than 10 years ago, and it will last always, because he’s a person that has always been by my side, in the same way that I’ve always tried to be there for him.  I also identify myself a lot with him.  His best virtues are his naturalness and his sincerity.

In addition to “Prison Break” and “Sons of Anarchy,” what other series would you recommend?  What kind of music are you listening to at the moment?

As far as I know, there hasn’t been another series like “Prison Break.”  The day that one comes out, I’ll recommend it, although, at the moment, I continue recommending the same, although “24” isn’t bad… As for music, I’m still a rocker and both AC/DC and ZZ Top always accompany me.

Are you thinking about what your next tattoo will be?

Tattoos are forever.  Of course I’m thinking about some more to get.  But that will be when my schedule allows it, since they’re not going to be small ones…

Would you ever consider getting plastic surgery?

I will never be operated on.  It’s said that wrinkles are beautiful, no?  Well scars are as well!

How would you describe your paradise on earth?  For example, a wind of 20 knots, a long and empty beach, driving a Harley on Route 66, a barbecue surrounded by family and friends…

You just described my idea of paradise, except for one detail: the 20 knots of wind should be every day, and during 24 hours, because I don’t like to stay closed up inside my house.

On Molière’s tombstone, it is written: “here lies Molière, king of actors.  In these moments, he’s pretending to be dead, and the truth is he does it well.”  How would you like to be remembered when you retire, after many more years, from football?

“Here likes the double V.  He was a good man, but, since he’s already buried here… it’s time to forget the issue with Van Gaal!!!  Thank you” (laughs).  [The issue with Van Gaal refers to when Víctor was 20, and Van Gaal demoted him to Barcelona B after he had already won the starting spot on the first team.  Valdés considered it a humiliation and didn’t appear for training for three days.]

Give us an epitaph to end this interview with.

This is, out of all the interviews I’ve had the pleasure of doing, perhaps the one I enjoyed the most.  A pleasure, as always.

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  1. How is it legal to be that sexy?

  2. if vv comes across as a “bad-boy” she definitely looks like a naughty girl herself. :) (I’m not saying this in a negative sense) but she is one hot mamma!

  3. Oh Victor! He is like … I don’t know. He inspires dirty thoughts.

    And his friendship with Andresito is simply epic.

  4. The most ”Rock” couple of Spanish football, right?! A matching pair…
    The other pair that isn’t THAT matching (but is SUPER CUTE for that exact reason) is Andresito and Valdes, as he says in the interview above… I like it when different people are so close friends because life brought them in eachother’s path…

  5. The chemistry is definitely there! Smokin’ hot!

  6. HOTNESS! oh, my goodness! I am in my “La Liga” state of mind ATM (RM) so the incredible hotness of this couple is making me uncomfortable…… but in a good way! PaiYOW! Holy Mackeral!

  7. No business with this post, but I don’t know where else to ask you this : have you seen the personal photo album of (PF) Juan Mata from London ?! That kid is precious <3

  8. I’d do ’em both!

  9. daaaaaaamn. i’m not sure which is hottest: him, her, or the two of them together! whoa!

  10. I bet his FCB teammates teased him about those photos , for SURE :D :D !!

  11. Fabulous couple. Guapos!

  12. *just here for the second, my addiction to the blogs suffers cause of studying, just few more days*

    oh wow, hot hot hot, they look beautiful! it also seems camrea loves them both!pretty couple!

  13. I love the second photo, teh one where she sits on his knee and tehy are both wet. OMG! It’s like tehy were working in some hotel or restaurant and sneeked out during the lunch break for a snog session behind the buliding and it was raining. :)

  14. wow, I never thought I would put attractive and Valdés in the same sentence.
    My entire world has just changed.

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