forget the shoes, I’ll take the two of them

On Friday, Javi Martínez (!!!) and Fernando Llorente showed up at the Forum Sport store in Getxo to present the 2011 adidas adiPower Predator boots.  They were made to dress in jackets complementing the colors of the boots, and both of them looked adorable.  And they’re such good models too, no?  They could convince me to buy anything, even things I don’t need or want.

You’ll want to read the rest of this post because there is some very nice bonus Fernando Llorente at the end…

At the event, besides posing, Javi (!!!) and Fer also showed off their football skills and talked about the current situation of their club.

Modeling comes naturally to these two, no?

I loved the leather jacket that Fernando showed up in, and Javi (!!!)’s little grimace of pain while posing.  I volunteer to massage whatever hurts…

Seriously, these two can do no wrong in my eyes (except for their outfits, sometimes).

As promised, here’s the bonus Fernando.  I wasn’t lying when I said it was very nice, no?  Even though this is from a club practice (prior to the Europa League game against Salzburg, to be exact) you can see why I had to share, right?  P.S. You can click to enlarge.


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  1. haha. when you promised bonus Llorente footage, I knew exactly what you were going to post. that whole little video Cuatro had for him was very nice. these 2 are impossible not to love.

  2. What does it say about me that I can’t stop staring at that second gif at the end there? O_________________________________O I mean, the first one is very nice already, and this entire post is too, but it all was completely wiped out of my memory the second I saw the second gif. And now I can’t even remember my own name. DLKFJSDLKFJSLDKFSJDKF.

  3. … no, really, Madridista, the mind-meld thing is getting scary. When I saw that wink on Thursday night, I was like… WHO IS HE WINKING AT AND WHY IS IT NOT ME. And I’m not even a Fer fangirl, technically. The second one, well. I don’t think there’s words in any of the languages I speak. But I would very much like to know the individual responsible for the amazing camera-work, because we could make use of skills like those!

  4. Aaaaaaaaaay Javi <3 <3 <3 amoressss…. :)
    They are perfect, it hurts.

    Last to gifs on Llorente are just deadly, really… :|

    I actually like the jacket despite very very bright colors, they are pretty cool

  5. Okay, that is hot. Thanks :)

  6. Thank you for the post.
    Could you share a link so that I could watch the first video (the adidas one)? Thx~

  7. Oh wow… Click to enlarge, right click, save to downloads! Until Llorente realizes he wants to marry me too, this will have to do. ;)

    Thanks for the post, Una! Definitely made my day. :D

  8. This post totally made me forget i had to much wine today…
    (yeah i know it’s a monday but horror exams in uni and very caring and loving friends who suffered from that same exam make it acceptable)
    I’m going of to bed now to sleep of the alcohol, dreaming about those two wonderful basque men

  9. That tears it! I’m moving to the Pais Vasco… I have heard that it is ridiculously beautiful there. And so are the men. consider that the area harbors a genetic pool that has spawned such specimens as Aitor Ocio, Xabi Alonso and Fer LL. Holy crap. What else are they hiding over there?
    Whatever Fer needs massaging, I will be more than glad to intervene on his behalf.

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