let’s do it for Álvaro

Radio program “El Partido de las 12” headed to the city of Salamanca last night to pay tribute to their native son and our coach, Vicente del Bosque.  During their chat, the hosts of the show prepared a surprise for the coach, in the form of a recorded message from his adorable son Álvaro (described as a gift in the life of Vicente and wife Trini).  In the message, Álvaro said, “Hello papá, this is Álvaro, and I love you very much.  I just want to ask you, please, that if we win the Eurocopa, to let me ride on the bus again.”  Above is Vicente’s reaction to the message.  After hearing that, VDB said, “see, he thinks it’s very easy for us to win the next Eurocopa” and “he asks me this all the time, saying papá, I have to ride on the bus.”  Have a listen here.  I love how polite Álvaro is, with the “por favor”!


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  1. Una, this is so sweet. Let’s do it for Alvaro! I’m sure the players will do all the can for him too!

  2. Alvaro is La Roja’s numero uno fan! I love his unconditional love for La Roja and his adorable interactions with his dad!

  3. Gracias, Una! Muy emocionante. La roja is redefining what it means to be a champion, the way the work with an emphasis on humility, unity and concern for the less fortunate continues to surprise and impress me.

  4. sweetest thing ever. :) i remember his interactions with the team after the WC, and it just melted my heart. and that pic of del bosque giggling as he listens to the clip is PRECIOUS!

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