perfect for fantasizing…

This is club related, as it took place while the player was on duty with his club, but it’s so, so, so adorable and so, so, so me that I had to post it.  The adorable Ander Herrera tweeted this photo of the equally adorable Javi Martínez (!!!) “sending you all a kiss.”  How adorable (sense a theme?) is Javi (!!!)?  I just wish the photo was a bit brighter so I could see those morritos clearly…


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  1. adopting a quote about johnny depp: “[those] cheekbones are insane!”

  2. Oh wow, so adorable!!!!! Una, it’s your blog so don’t ever apologize for what you post!

    BTW – what are morritos?

  3. Honestly, these boys… they leave me speechless sometimes.

    (Psst, Ander, we will totally take up a collection to get you a better camera if you promise to take more pictures like this.)

  4. Una, that’s not you outside the bus taking pics of Javi from behind? ;)

  5. **dead and gone..**
    say no more

    on a more serious note, i like how this generation of spanish footballers is so down-to-earth and so approachable. they keep their feet on the ground and maintain the boy-next-door profile, even though they’re famous all over europe and they earn all that money. they’re far from that celebrity image (like it happens in england or italy for example). i hope (I KNOW, ACTUALLY) that they will stay this way!

  6. These guys are so much love!! And I second the idea about making a collection to get Ander a better camera. XDD Mmmmmmmorritos!!!

  7. Una .. when you post club related stuff like that … WHO CARES!!!! … as long as its not Puyi’s pic of Cesc … I think we will be ok … Cause Cesc’s hair is SCARRRRRYYYYY!!!!!

  8. heh. is this your new wallpaper for your computer, una? ;)

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