Luca Reina is the king for a day

Two weeks ago, taking advantage of the international break, Pepe Reina returned to Córdoba with his entire family, to baptize his third child, Luca, who was born in this city on May 26.  Pepe and wife Yolanda chose to baptize Luca at the beautiful Mezquita.  They were accompanied by Luca’s older sisters Grecia (four and a half years old) and Alma (three years old), as well as family and friends, including Miguel Reina.

All three of the kids are adorable!  And I love how Pepe matched his tie to Yolanda’s shoes.  Plus, little Alma’s heels!  ¡Muy coqueta!  She’s going to be a handful for her papá when she gets older.  Hopefully, Luca will stay bald for a bit longer to keep that resemblance to his father.  Scans via Diez Minutos.

Meanwhile, Pepe also posted this photo of him and Liverpool minority owner Lebron James on his Facebook.  I quite dislike Lebron, so I will refrain from saying anything about him and his stupidly positioned cap, but I will say that I hope Pepe and Álvaro Arbeloa both wear their Muhammad Ali shirts to the next concentración, though that probably won’t happen since it won’t be t-shirt weather at that point anymore.


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  1. Thanks una! Is Miguel Pepe’s brother? Is there a close up shot of him? If there is, can you post it?

    Thanks so much

  2. Oh wow, that is one gorgeous family!!! Would loved to have seen his BFF’s family if they had made it as well (Villa) since Patricia dresses herself and the girls so fabulously (and I’m assuming Dahveed when he isn’t dressing himself).

  3. Pepe is such a hot daddy, his family looks beautiful!!!

    Yeah, I am a Liverpool fan, believe you me, but LeBron “TheDecisionToLeaveMyClubForAnotherWhereIAlsoDidNotWinNBATooBad” James shares are a bit distracting for me , so I will say nothing more LOL
    But Pepe looks cool. I wish my male friends would look so manly now (we are almost the same age as Pepe). ;-))

  4. First thought: I LOVE Yolanda’s dress. Love it. It is flawless. I want one in every color, starting with that gorgeous, gorgeous green.

    Second thought: omg support his head!!

    The whole family looks just beautiful here, though, the girls are so adorable, and a baptism in La Mezquita sounds absolutely insuperable. (Even though I have some decidedly strong opinions about Carlos V and the havoc he wrought on the most beautiful architecture of al-Andalus, ahem… but that is not a discussion for this post.)

  5. The photo where hes holding the baby, Pepe and Luca have the same expression <3

  6. Thanks Una!! :D

    Could anyone translate what the article says??

  7. Yolanda looks like one hot mama! Good for her.

  8. Those fotos are cuteness overload … His lil girls are sooo charming just like their daddy!! :)

    Thanx Una!!!

  9. How beautiful is this family?! The girls are just adorable!

    Yolanda is much braver than I to wear those high heels while carrying Luca. My hats off to her! lol

    Lebron James needs to go sit down somewhere. What a tool.

  10. LOL pelones – Luca y Pepe. Very cute. Man his wife slops on the makeup. Adorable family.

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE pepe. he and yolanda and their whole family are absolutely adorable! congratulations to them!

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