a field trip before the game

I wouldn’t mind being cooped up in a small space for 10 months with these two boys…

On Tuesday morning, the boys visited the Volvo Ocean Race installations in Alicante in a visit organized by port of Alicante and team sponsor Iberdrola.   The players had left their hotel for their habitual game day morning walk, and a bus took them to the race village, which is near their hotel in the port of Alicante.

After passing through the area open to the public (or that will be open to the public, between Oct. 14 and Nov. 5), the players stopped at the area where the teams work, and some even visited the CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand vessel.  (Team Telefónica is led by Spanish sailor Iker Martínez, whose name I love.  He often races with Xabi Fernández, and they’re often referred to as Iker and Xabi!).

Fernando Torres was one of those players who visited the vessel, and while he said he would love to test his sea legs, he admitted that it would be tough after seeing the cramped conditions.  The first leg of the race takes the fleet from Alicante to Cape Town in a gruelling 6,500 mile journey through the Atlantic – the first of nine legs in a 39,000-nm race that will not finish until July 2012 in Galway, Ireland.  “To sail on these boats would be a great experience but I think when I got to Cape Town I would be on the first plane home,” Torres said.  He added, “it’s amazing to see how they have to survive without anything inside the boat.  I was talking with one of the sailors and he told me they do it because they love it, just like we play football because we love it.”

Didn’t they look just like schoolboys who were a bit bored by the field trip?  The sole exception is PF Juan Mata – that’s why he’s the junior boss.

More interested in their mobiles than the setting…

The Xabi Alonso pose section.™

After the walk, they returned to their hotel, and had lunch.  By the way, VDB, Sergio, Thiago and Jordi’s press conferences yesterday were at the Alicante Race Center  I’ll update the post as more pictures/videos come out.


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  1. Xabi just needs as much space as his body occupies to break out into a boss pose, doesn’t he? :)

  2. LOL PF Mata el jefecito and VV is such a jock no? I forgot to mention how I loved the sprinkler that attacked Xavi earlier. jejeje

  3. Xabi totally fitting in with the sailors. Yachting is just the classy type of thing he would do.

  4. What does the ‘PF’ before Mata’s name mean?

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