tonight, Spain won’t be alone…

… because they have company!  Today, Iker posted this picture of “Arbeloaman and his team of superheroes.”  Arbeloaman himself said, “tonight the national team won’t fight alone.”  What in the world is going on there?  Please tell me that Raúl Albiol is in one of those costumes…

Which superheroes do you think our boys would be if they had special powers?

Sergio Ramos, when asked to do precisely that for his Madrid teammates a while back, said Arbeloa would be Iron Man, “because he likes doing weights,” Iker would be the Incredible Hulk “for the size of his head and because he’s strong,” Albiol would be Batman “because he’s always wearing black,” and Sergio himself would be Wolverine, because he’s strong and has hair.

If Albiol is Batman, then Arbeloa has to be Robin, because the two of them can’t be separated.  I can see Puyol as the Incredible Hulk, and a couple of players fit the Mighty Mouse profile – Pedro and Cazorla, to name a few.  I’m not that familiar with superheroes, so I can’t really name anymore, but what are your thoughts?


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  1. I stopped reading with iker and size of his hands, mmmmmmm!…come again una!

  2. Una I see Puyi as Thor, c’mon the hair :P Iker Spiderman because of his GKing, but also VV, no? Great foto. Arbie is such a wannabe.

  3. Hi, do you know about the time La Roja will leave Prague tomorrow (Oct 8)? I mean their flight. I just happen to know that they are here and yeah, if possible, I want to see them once in my lifetime (I’m from Thailand).

  4. oooOOOooo!!! Let’s see:

    Pedro — The Flash
    Busquets — Spiderman, because of his insect-like legs and because he sits in the centre of the web of the game.
    Pique — The Joker, only good instead of evil. :)
    Xabi — James Bond (OK, he’s not technically a superhero!)
    Puyol — Iron Man (sorry, Albiol)
    Iniesta — Underdog
    Villa, Silva, Mata, & Jordi Alba — The Four Ponies of the Apocalypse (see Jordi’s hilarious interview)

  5. And I forgot Santi Claus!!!!! If he’s not a superhereo, I don’t know who is. :))))

  6. i love, love, LOVE that photo! and i love iker calling him a “geek” (according to google translate), too!

    puyi is definitely the incredible hulk, no doubt about that. we have a lot of mighty mice — pedro and cazorla, it’s true, but also iniesta, villa, navas and silva. xabi would be iceman, cause he’s so cool. :D

  7. I think we should follow Iker’s example and invent new superheroes – Arbeloaman, Ikerman, Ramosman … I mean, they are all great and have their own super(football)powers, don’t they?

  8. One of those superheroes has the profile of Juan Mata and one looks a lot like Esteban Granero. Coincidence, I’m sure!

  9. I think Xabi might be Batman because I always assume Batman is one of the more intelligent and classy superheros (he doesn’t actually have any superpowers, but invents lots of cool stuff to fight villains).

    But Xabi might actually be Popeye because his strength is tied to eating!

  10. I don’t know, but can you imagine Xabi as Superman? He would be so classy as Clark Kent in his reporter role with glasses, and who wouldn’t want to be saved by Xabi? Nagore could probably be a great Lois Lane too!

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