training, in between fun and games

On Wednesday afternoon, the team held a training session, their only one in Spain before the game against the Czech Republic.  While Iker – unfortunately – made sure that every single millimeter of his torso was covered, Pepe showed us that he has a real great ass!

By the way, the previous post has been updated with more pictures and moments!

During the pre-session chat, Carles Puyol was applauded by his teammates to mark his return to the team after an almost year-long absence, Nov. 17, 2010 to be exact.  He’s to the left of Piqué, with Javi (!!!) blocking him.

VDB also introduced Jordi Alba to the rest of the team during the pre-game chat.  Jordi had arrived for his first ever session with the senior team accompanied by Thiago.

Meanwhile, David Villa was unable to complete the session due to some muscle pains in his left leg, working instead with Hugo Camarero.  Dr. Celada said Villa wasn’t expected to participate in the last part of the training session anyway.  Meanwhile, tests on Álvaro Negredo’s left thigh showed that he still had effects from an old injury and was at high risk for a relapse, so he was excused from the concentración and headed back to Sevilla.  VDB will not call up anyone to replace him, leaving the team with 21 players, as Cesc had also dropped out previously.

The session ended with a partidillo, where one side was made up of Sergio, Piqué, Javi (!!!), Xabi, Jordi, Thiago, Carorla and Silva, and the other of Arbeloa, PF Juan Mata, Puyol, Busquets, Llorente, Albiol, Xavi, Torres and Pedro.  The players also found time to take photographs with children from the Down Syndrome Association, and also had to submit to drug testing by the state’s anti-drug agency.

During the session, we also got glimpses of that marvel that is Sergio Ramos’ hair.  Look how it has fanned out perfectly here.  How does he do it?  He’s in the middle of a sweaty training session, yet his hair somehow manages to look better than mine even after I step out of a beauty salon.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t include a picture of Javi (!!!), so here’s one where you can admire Javi’s (!!!) long legs.

Speaking of Javi (!!!), the sun was a bit too bright for him, but not for Víctor Valdés, who seemed to crave more.

And we also saw this fun exercise routine during the session, in which the boys leaped up with the help of the others behind them.  It’s alright when it’s Santi and Jordi leaping and Puyol and Busquets supporting, but how many players would it take to get a Llorente or a Pepe up in the air?  I think Pedro had a hard enough time with Piqué…  And look at Xabi posing back there!  ¡Muy jefe!

And Iker posted this picture of him and the A-team on the bus, and drawing our attention to Álvaro, asking us to look at how happy he is that he beat Iker in the race, and adding, “he’s gullible, doesn’t he know that I let him win?”  One moment after this photo was taken, Xabi probably side-eyed Iker’s thumbs-up.

Over in Osijek, the U-21 team practiced for one hour in the Gradski VRT Stadium, where they will play their qualifier against Croatia tonight at 20:30h.  The only negative note was Asier Illarramendi having to leave the session early due to some pain in his right leg.  Medical tests will show whether Luis Milla can count on him or not for the game.  As for tweets, Dani Pacheco tweeted this photo of Martín Montoya “after breaking the chair he was sitting in because he’s too fat.”  And see what I meant about Álvaro Vázquez and Jordi Amat being joined at the hip?  They’re together again!  I might start calling them the Piqué/Puyol or the Zipi/Zape or the Sergio/Navas of the U-21 team.


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  1. Such a cute moments, Una! Thank you!

    I actually think it’s easier to get Llorente in the air then some of the smaller guys, cause Fernando has a really really good jump. He probably would do all the work himself, heh.

    I just love their “training” sessions!

  2. Thanks for the post, Una! I’m off to print that photo of Sergio’s hair and I’ll take it with me the next time I go to the salon. My hairdresser will probably charge me extra for the amount of work she’ll have to do.

    Now I’m thinking maybe I should print a photo of Sergio’s ass too and take it to the gym. Now, THAT will require a miracle! Hahaha!

  3. una i super laughed at the pic of puyi lifting santi. everyone looked like they were having so much fun. i wonder if there were sernando moments. <3

  4. The legs, the legs, the legs. oh they kill me… I can’t see them enough.
    the bit where they were throwing each other in the air reminds me of a rugby throw in. Maybe the were paying homage to the current Rugby Union World Cup, which is happening right now in New Zealand!

  5. Oh no Illarra, I hope he is okay and MaraVilla ouch.

  6. I hope your next post has something about the parchesi game. And is Arbeloa not wearing any shorts?

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