hugs for everyone

Who says they don’t get along?  At the start of the concentración yesterday, we saw Fernando Llorente greeting Javi Miñano with a hug, Xabi and Carles Puyol embracing, the two Sergios fundidos en un abrazo

… while Thiago did the same first with Álvaro Arbeloa, then with Sergio Ramos.  And these weren’t just any casual hugs, they lasted quite a long while!  You can also see Santi hugging Álvaro.

Later on, while the team was waiting to get on the bus, Iker joked around with Santi, telling him, “no more beard.  I’m going to let my hair grow like Puyi…” while Puyi elbowed him in response.  And at the award ceremony, as the players were walking up the aisle, Xavi hugged Jesús Navas, and then it was Iker’s turn.

¡Somos una piña!


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  1. So good to see them together again.

  2. Javi (!!!) is live chatting on Eurosport at 12:30 not sure if that it GMT or Spanish time.
    Here is the link-

  3. The boys are so cute!

  4. I really missed Puyol in the national team, I have one comment on three posts ( btw, una you are amazing), I want Ramos”s hairrrrr! :(, he looks so HOT!!.

    La Roja playing together! The only good thing in this international break..

  5. I love how loving our boys are!

  6. lol on my first glance of the 2nd gif,i thought they were zooming in javi’s face!!..before realizing the real focus was the two sergios hugging behind him ahaha..

  7. Aaaaww Thiago is such a “huggie” (can you say that?) person! So emotional. And so HOT! I find myself saying that a lot nowadays :).

  8. I seem to be in a minority of one that likes international break and not go “no injuries, please”! I like La Roja players in La Roja colors than their club jerseys! Somehow playing for Spain seems more fun than playing for Barca, Madrid, Villareal, Valencia, Chelsea, and so on!

    Go ahead and shoot me! :)

    • I am one of the minority with you. I guess because I fell in love with La Roja in 2008, even more in 2010, and with Una’s blog. I didn’t start following the clubs until after the WC only so I could follow the men some more :).

    • I like International weeks, too. ESPN carries all of the International matches, which means HD coverage. That means we get to see them all together in all their handsome glory.

  9. i still feel really uncomfortable seeing sergio ramos hug busquets like that… i’m glad the team is back together, and that they seem to have put their differences aside, but i’ll never look at busquets the same way after what he said during the champion’s league semis — i just can’t.

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