please be patience, no help is going on

Tomorrow, the national team returns!  In the meantime, here is a post to (hopefully) amuse you.

Watch a video here about PF Juan Mata’s first month in London (the video is from several weeks ago).  In it, he says he’s still living in a hotel, that he’s gone out to eat a few times and that London is a great city, although the prices are higher than in Spain and he’s not used to the British meal hours (Juanín says he needs his midday snack and coffee).  So far, the weather’s been good to Juanín, and he finds the roundabouts and parking confusing, since you have to get the ticket on the other side, but he doesn’t think it will take him long to adapt to the driving.  As for his English, it’s “improving” (he says that word in both Spanish and English), so in this case, maybe some help is going on.

Whose English also needs improving is Iker, as we’ve seen on his Facebook posts, and David Villa as well.  Last Friday, he posted this: “Hi friends! This week will be plenty of happy moments!!! We won a Champions’s important match against BATE; this weekend I return to Gijon with Barça in League; and we are already rubbing 2 million friends in facebook!!! Thanks to all for the fondness you give me!!!”  I love the rubbing part; it’s just as amusing as Iker and his “not easy party” and the “hug young” and “crony” (both from the same post).

For old time’s sake, here is this classic video.  It never gets old.

By the way, Pepe’s English should be better than this, after all those years of living abroad, no?  “I love to see how you post me. Continue posting me, because I read you and I am very encouraged to see that you follow me.”

Also needing English lessons: David de Gea, after that donut “robbery” incident at Tesco in Altrincham.  He explained to COPE earlier this week what happened: “it was an anecdote, without importance.  My cousin and a friend from Spain came to visit me and we went to buy some things.  We picked up the donuts and other things.  I realized that I didn’t have my wallet and I went to the car to get it.  They thought I was leaving without paying, I tried to explain but my English isn’t very good yet.  In the end, a Spanish girl came, we came to an understanding and they ended up apologizing to us.”  De Gea added that many of his teammates have given him donuts as a joke.  David was interviewed by Punto Pelota on Tuesday, and they also brought him donuts, which De Gea decided to share with his best friend Iker Muniain.

David also said that he’s happy in England, that he has his mother cooking for him and that it’s a privilege, and that he follows Spanish football with his father.

Taking English lessons: Sergio Canales, who will start taking English classes and also economics classes, which he stopped doing while in Madrid.  For the former, he says “it helps a lot” and for the latter, “I believe it provides you with many things.”

If any of these guys Javi (!!!) need help in English, I’m more than happy to volunteer!


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  1. Their mangled posts are so amusing. I saw the “rubbing” one and wondered when it would make it to your blog.

    Really, Una, why hasn’t Real Madrid discovered you yet? Surely, they should hire you!

  2. iker,we’re rubbing 3 mil crony already!!ahaha,cute..david,awww poor thing..wonder how he looked like when he was trying to explain lol,this guys are adorable..cant wait to see them back together again :)

  3. Me too I am available, por favor!!!

  4. Wow! A lot of our La Roja guys are learning English. Can’t wait to hear them speak in English.
    Great article again Una!!! I’m also excited read more articles from you in the coming days as our boys meet up once again.

  5. Ok, word to David DeGea: don’t leave a British store with unpaid goods bb, even if it’s just a doughnut! You’ll have ‘The Sun’ on your ass at every weekly shop, and we might start thinking you got low level kleptomaniac tendencies :)

  6. PF Juan Mata- he’s so sweet, and the ‘improving’ bit…sexy lil spaniglish accent on him there. Cambio de Terco restaurant is all the rage with Spanish athletes in Ldn

  7. The weather lately has been practically Spanish! It is ridiculously, unseasonably warm and sunny, and I do not approve. Juanín is going to be in for a nasty surprise when English autumn hits properly. (If ever he wants to visit the ancient English city of learning for a tutorial, though… I can be very patience. Especially if he brings Javi.)

    I’m not sure I (or anyone…) can be patience enough to fix Iker’s English though.

  8. thanks una for the explanation about de gea’s accident.. i really don’t believe if rich man as de gea can’t even pay a donuts.. i can relieved now..

  9. Hilarious! For someone who, when asked during an interview why he wasn’t active on social networks, said that he prefers knowing a few people well than making millions of acquaintances, Iker is surprisingly addicted to Facebook!

    Looks like someone has clued Dahveed about “rubbing” thing and all references to it have been scrubbed from the above link :-( What Spanish word got google translated to “rubbing”? :)

    • I haven’t actually looked at his FB page, but I’d assume the word in question was “rozando” (which would be better rendered in this context as “nearing”, if only he’d had a bit more cuidado with el traductor de Google!).

  10. That video definitely is a classic. I saw Villa and the “rubbing” earlier and laughed. I wonder if his bff Pepe Reina makes fun of this English :).

  11. oh my god I go to the Tesco’s in Altrincham all the time but I haven’t bumped into David yet :( Hopefully sometime soon! :)

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