the latest lists: Czech Republic, Scotland & Croatia

Lists updated, see below.

Vicente del Bosque announced this morning the list of players called up for Spain’s last two Euro 2012 qualifiers against the Czech Republic in Prague on Oct. 7 and Scotland in Alicante (Valencia) on Oct. 11.  There is only one new player with respect to the last several lists, Valencia defender Jordi Alba, who received his first ever call-up.  Jordi had previously played for the U-19, U-20 and U-21 teams.

And Carles Puyol is making his return; his last game with the national team was almost a year ago, on Nov. 17, the game that can be called the Portuguese disaster.  Puyol and Álvaro Negredo both have slight injuries, and so they will be monitored, but in principle they will be there with the team.  Meanwhile, Andrés Iniesta is out after getting injured during a Champions League game with his club several weeks ago.

Goalkeepers: Iker, Pepe, Valdés.

Defenders: Puyol, Piqué, Sergio Ramos, Arbeloa, Albiol, Jordi Alba.

Midfielders: Xabi, Busquets, Cazorla, Thiago, Xavi, Cesc, Javi Martínez, Silva, Mata.

Forwards: Villa, Llorente, Torres, Negredo, Pedro.

Update: VDB said on Sunday that he won’t call anyone up to replace Cesc, who got injured on Saturday.  We’ll see what happens with Javi (!!!)…

The players are due at Las Rozas on Oct. 5 at 10:30h.  They will leave for Prague on Oct. 6 at 10h in the morning, and stay at the Hotel Prague Marriott once they are in the Czech capital.  They’ll return to Madrid on the day after the game, Oct. 8.  On Oct. 9, the team will head to Alicante in the late afternoon, and stay at the Hotel Melía Alicante, returning to Madrid right after the game on Oct. 11.

In the press conference following the announcement of the list, VDB said that Jordi Alba was called up because he’s playing well with a powerful club in Spain, and they want to study him more up close to see if he’ll fit in during the run-up to the 2012 Euro.  He described Jordi as “a player that associates well, with good techniques, he defends correctly… he has experience in the position, he’s young and he’s played for the U-19, U-20 and U-21 teams.  We have confidence in him.”  The coach also said it was good news for the team that Carles Puyol is making his return.

Regarding David Silva’s statements that he felt that VDB didn’t have any confidence in him, the coach responded, “after reflecting on it, I believe it’s a relic from the past World Cup, there are many players that could have the same complaint and it’s not a lack of confidence towards anyone.  He’s played a lot since then.  There are other players that often come, such as Cesc or Cazorla, who have not said anything about this problem.”  VDB also added, “sometimes the entourage of a player harms him… I think one has to be better advised to make certain statements.”

Despite Spain already qualifying for the World Cup, VDB called up many of the world champions as “the respect towards the rivals is one of the reasons,” and both the Czech Republic and Scotland have qualification at stake.  He also said he was surprised by the news that he was considering calling up Diego Perotti, the Argentine winger who plays for Sevilla, as “I haven’t spoken with anyone, not even Toni Grande, about this issue.”

In response to his call-up, Jordi Alba said in a press conference that VDB had not made a mistake in including him on the list.  He also revealed how he heard the news: “I was showering and everyone came to congratulate me.  My teammates have helped me a lot, I am playing in a position that wasn’t mine, and thanks to them and the coaching staff, here I am.”  He also said that he’s had many “happy days” throughout his career, “but this is one of the most special days,” and that being with the national team is “the maximum for a footballer.”  Jordi also said that he had spoken with David Villa, who had congratulated him, and that knowing Villa, PF Juan Mata and David Silva will make his integration easier.  And Sergio Canales has already tweeted his joy for Jordi, and a photo, as has PF Juan Mata!

Meanwhile, Luis Milla also revealed the list of players called up for the U-21 team’s Euro 2013 qualifier against Croatia on Oct. 6 in Osijek.  There aren’t many changes with respect to the previous ones, and Martín Montoya has returned to the team after being called up by VDB during the last two games.

Goalkeepers: Joel Robles, David de Gea, Diego Mariño.

Defenders: Marc Bartra, Martín Montoya, Carles Planas, Hugo Mallo, Jordi Amat, Iñigo Martínez, Álvaro González.

Midfielders: Koke Resurrección, Sergi Roberto, Oriol Romeu, Isco, Asier Illarramendi, Sergio Canales, Juan Carlos Pérez, Dani Pacheco.

Forwards: Iker Muniain, Rodrigo, Álvaro Vázquez.

Update: Marc Bartra and Sergi Roberto have dropped out due to injury, so they’ll be replaced by Álvaro González and Dani Pacheco, respectively.

These players are due at the Hotel Tryp Alameda Aeropuerto in Madrd on Oct. 3 at 13h.  On the afternoon of Oct. 4, they’ll fly to Osijek, Croatia, where they’ll stay at the Hotel Osijek and play the Euro qualifier on Oct. 6 at 20:30h.  The team will return to Madrid right after the game, arriving there at 03h on Oct. 7.


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  1. I hope Jose Enrique can get a chance soon. He’s a brilliant left back.

  2. I agree with Eirwen, Jose Enrique should get a call up. I love VDB, but there are great Spanish players playing outside of the country who could really help the team. They need an experienced left back and Enrique is making huge impact at Liverpool.

  3. … ok can I just say that 9 Barcelona player really … that is like half the team …. x_X …. If something happens to them … I will die …

    with that being said … I really think Soldado should get called up …. he is kicking butt .. in Valencia ….

    & I miss Carlos Marchena & Joan Capdevila … :'(

    Una … do you know anything about David & Patricia expecting their 3rd child????


  4. Una i was wondering if i could see your sources? Please :)

  5. Yay for new La Roja and La Rojita news! Looking forward to these next matches. Excellent updates una! gracias, gracias, gracias!!

  6. Am I the only one who think that Torres not even being on the bench during the last match was like a wake up call for him, and that’s why he is now better with Chelsea ? Cuz he always took his call up for granted…
    Loving VDB even more for his psychology <3

    • No, it’s not, because he was already good with Chelsea before that. Now the whole team simply plays with higher tempo which suits him more. And it has more to do with Chelsea’s manager’s ability to get the better of him then with VdB.

      How do you know that he took his call-up for granted?

      • He said it himself a while ago ! He was asked by a journalist if he was afraid of not being called up because of his difficulties at Chelsea and all, and he answered with the most confidence in the world that he’s always been called up and didn’t see why he wouldn’t be this time too…

        • That’s not what he said. He said he’s been a part of the squad for many years so he wasn’t surprised to be called up. But that if he hadn’t, it wouldn’t have been the end of the world. Don’t know if that’s what he truly feels, but it just seemed like he was being diplomatic and trying to come across as level-headed. They all have to be so careful with their every word as you know anything they utter can be turned into a ‘big controversy’.

        • Could you provide a link, please? Was the interview in Spanish (video)?
          I’m just vary of English media translating his quotes, seeing how they twist everything, so I’d love to be clear on this.

          I just remember him answering differently, saying that it happened before (not being called-up) and it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

          That’s why I’d love to be sure, so I won’t be wrong in the future. :)

    • I think him playing better at Chelsea so far this season has a big part to do with Juan Mata. Before I would get frustrated with the rest of Chelsea because they didn’t seem to have confidence in Torres. there were several times they would ignore him completely open and give it to someone would didn’t have a clear chance. Maybe I’m just sensitive about the issue ‘cuz I’m a Torres fan but not huge into Chelsea, but there were several games that I felt like the other players weren’t really looking to help him succeed. but then in comes Juan Mata who’s played and trained with him before and surely feels a close connection to his new team, and the two just work beautifully together. I love the two of them together.

  7. Thank you, Una, for the translations! I listened to the press-conferense, but could only understand bits & pieces!


    Cesc got injured is VDB going to replace or not??? just wondering …

    And I would love to know your opinion about the article that was written by AS … about Torres & Albiol ….

    I hate the fact that I agree with it … I love Fer & Chorri on the team … But if one is not scoring for their club & the other is not playing (which I really think Mou should give more playing time even though they it is harder for him to play) I think VDB should look at other players (hopefully players that are not from FC Barcelona)

    THANK YOU UNA!!! :)

    • As a Chelsea fan we know better whether Fernando performing on not, he is one of our best players this season (if not the best), so falling for media agenda like that is just sad. They don’t seem to be concerned with other striker’s scoring records or form for that matter, simply because it doesn’t bring as many clicks as if you put Torres or Real Madrid there.
      Have Pique or Puyol played more then Albiol recently, taking into account that they were injured?

      Just because the media loves to write about more well-known players to sell their papers, doesn’t mean that it’s the truth.

  9. Una, hello! Is Raul attending this game to be honored?…or it is the next one?!..
    Anyway, I actually didnt like Silva comments, I love him as a player and I think he deserves a starting position, but to go with public instead of talking with your coach.. meh! didn’t like it, it hurts more than it helps him..
    It is like a friendly match, so it won’t be alot to ask for Xabi to stay on the bench, this guy is exhausted..
    Welcome back Puyi :)..I think Cesc is not available he is injured, no?

  10. Thanks Una for all the updates. For anyone in the UK, ITV4 is showing the Czech Republic match live on Friday night, starting at 7.30pm!!!!

  11. Gracias Bella for the update. So good to see that Bunny aka Jordi Alba has gotten the call up. Por Fin a zurdo. Un abrazo.

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