more Javi, plus Gerard Piqué at FHM Collections

Soy Underwear kindly provided us with some “making of” photos from Javi’s (!!!) latest photo shoot, but where is the video?  I need to see those lips and those abs in action!  And once again, just pretend that the clothing is not there, because it’s Javi (!!!), and because it is, for lack of a better word, hideous.

Meanwhile, Gerard Piqué is on the cover of this month’s issue of FHM Collections, following in the footsteps of Iker Casillas.  In the interview, he says that fashion is “a hobby,” and he likes to be fashionable: “since I like fashion, sometimes I like to dress well and try on new clothing,” although “football is the first priority, I like to be focused and being a model is in the background.”  He describes his own style as “modern and elegant, during the day I like to wear a shirt and jeans, and add a blazer at night, as well as a tie sometimes.”  When he was small, his mother chose his clothing and “we always argued because there were many things that I didn’t like.  But at that moment, I didn’t have a lot of say.”  Gerard’s first ever purchase was a white and blue Ralph Lauren Polo shirt: “I was 13 or 14 and I remember that it was the “in” brand in my school.  I always wore it proudly because it was my first ever purchase.”  He also reveals that Shakira helps him out when it’s time to choose clothes: “I believe that all men allow ourselves to be guided by our partners, no?  Women have always had more style than men or at least they understand more about clothing, although lately men have been improving in this area.  But I’m sure that the opinion of your partner will always be good for you.”  He also tells us that one of his favorite brands  is Mango (no surprise there, as he’s paid to say that) and his favorite article of clothing is the leather  jacket, since it’s elegant and can be worn with jeans.  Watch the video of the photo shoot and interview here.

Gossip magazine QMD is reporting that Andrés Iniesta and longtime girlfriend Anna will be getting married on July 12.  If true, then I guess Andrés would never forget his anniversary, since all he has to do is remember that it comes on the day after the other biggest day of his life.

On Friday, Vicente del Bosque will reveal the list of players called up for the last Euro qualifiers, against the Czech Republic on Oct. 7 and against Scotland on Oct. 11 in Alicante.


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  1. Dear sweet LORD what have they done to Javi?! The, erm… stripey brief things… are actually the most hideous underwear I have ever seen. Not that Soy don’t keep trying to outdo themselves.

    Also the mental image of Shakira dressing Geri, kinda gave me the giggles.

  2. when are they going to announce the england friendly on november 11?! it’s KILLING me! (i know, i know … it won’t be announced til after england’s montenegro match. but still! i need to have it confirmed, i have a whole trans-atlantic holiday planned around this one!)

  3. thank you for sharing these javi pics una!! makes me smile! :o)

  4. Dios mio. Again this ;-)

    I was away for 2 days and this is what I come to. Speechless again,. Thank you.

    Javi looks so fiiiiiine I can’t even comment. Why don’t I know someone like him in real life?

    Thanks also for the Pique pics – even my RM fan heart admits that he looks gorgeous there, oh my, what a picture!

    and now with all those pictures I am distracted for the rest of the day…;-)

  5. It should become law that Javi is not allowed to wear a shirt or pants (trousers, if you speak British English).

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