missing La Roja?

It’s been too long since we’ve had a post, no?  Or maybe I just wanted to keep half-naked Javi (!!!) up there on the top of the page.  Anyway, there’s been a bit of La Roja news in the past week, both team and player news, so here’s a compilation!

FER, JAVI (!!!), SANTI & HUGO: This technically has to do with clubs, but you can see where the La Roja connection comes in.  Prior to this past week’s Liga match between Málaga and Athletic, Santi Cazorla, Fernando Llorente, Javi Martínez (!!!) and Hugo Camarero were seen joking around on the field of La Rosaleda.

For those of you that don’t know, Hugo is the national team’s physical readaptor, and he works for Málaga when he’s not on national team duty (he’s the guy with Fernando here, whom many had misidentified as Pepe or even Juanjo Brau).  Anyway, I like how Santi has to crane his neck up to look at Fernando, and how fidgety Javi (!!!) is.  And I’m so jealous of Santi because he not only got a hug from Javi (!!!) as they concluded their chat, but he also got to pat Javi’s ass (!!!!!!!!) (the ass gets the extra exclamation marks).  Isco was also spotted hugging Jon Aurtenetxe, as the two of them have coincided in the lower categories of the national team, such as the U-17 team.

And then as the teams prepared for kick-off, Javi (!!!) greeted Santi again, while Fer did the same with Ruud van Nistelrooy (they also hugged again after the game).

JUANÍN: El País got PF Juan Mata to present their newest mathematical challenge, in celebration of the centennial of the Real Sociedad Matemática Española (the royal Spanish society of mathematics).  He introduces the problem, which viewers are invited to solve.  Watch the video here (instead of subtitling it, they should have gotten Juanín to say it in English, but maybe he’s not too comfortable with it yet).

Here’s the problem to solve: two high school students, who are goalkeepers, decide to organize a football match. Each of them must choose 10 players out of 20 fellow students. To do so, the 20 candidates line up and each goalkeeper makes his selection, alternately, but they can only choose from the two players who are at either end of the line.  The players have played in a previous tournament, and the goalkeepers know how many goals each of the players scored. The aim of the goalkeepers is choose a team that scored more goals in the previous tournament than the one their rival chooses. The challenge is to find the strategy that the first goalkeeper can use in order to choose a team that will always have scored at least as many goals as their rivals, no matter where the players are in the line, nor how many goals they scored.

The second part of the challenge is as follows. Is there a similar strategy that either the first or second goalkeeper can use if they have to choose from a group of 21 players? (It is understood that one player will end up not being picked and will not get to play.)

I wonder if Juanín himself could solve it?  Or maybe if he gets together with his best friend Esteban Granero, I’m sure they could think it out.  I can’t think of a better footballer to do something like this.

PEPE: Meanwhile, Pepe Reina is starring in San Miguel’s ads for its new “abrefácil” (easy to open) beer.  The beer bottles feature a ring to open the beer, so you don’t have to use a bottle opener.  The best part is when the old man talks about his twitter fo-llo-wers.

SILVI: In an interview with AS, David Silva talks about the national team (he also said similar things in an interview with Marca).  He told the newspaper that on the national team, he feels like a supporting actor, that he feels that he doesn’t have the confidence of the coach.  Silvi explains, “when I was the only victim of the loss to Switzerland, I thought that it could be due to my physical form, but after, my performances were always praised, although that still wasn’t enough for the coach to have confidence in me.”  He adds that he knows that he has great teammates and that it’s not up to him to decide the starters, and Luis had confidence in him, but Del Bosque thinks differently, although he’s never said anything to the coach.  David also says that there’s been a before and after with the Swiss game: “before that game, I did feel confidence.  I played regularly, I had a spot on the team, but after the defeat everything changed.  That’s why with the passing of time I believe that I was the victim of that bad debut.”  He concludes by saying that he’s going to continue working hard to get called up for the Eurocopa, but he still very much doubts that he’s going to have a protagonist role in the tournament.

Meanwhile, Fernando Jiménez spoke to a Canarian radio station, where he confirmed that his son is upset, and that “no matter what he does, he’s not going to have the confidence of the coach because he believes that there are other players ahead of him.”  He added that David feels that he doesn’t have any support, and is not sad but resigned to the situation.  ¡Pobrecito!

ALVARITO: In past interviews (“tests”) with Punto Pelota (here or here), Álvaro Domínguez always said that his favorite food is a “fried egg sandwich.”  So, the program decided to get Álvaro to teach them how to make this famous sandwich.  Step one.  Turn on the fire.  Watch the video here.  Alvarito says that his father usually makes the sandwiches for him, that he prefers to use the middle parts of the bread to make it, that he usually eats it after tough training sessions, and that he likes to use the bread to soak up the egg yolks.  The end result is “cojonudo.”  Álvaro also talks about how during the last call-up with the national team, Fernando Torres was his guide, and told him that it was time that another “indio” joined the team, since it was so full of “culés and vikingos.”

OTHER NEWS: Spain’s 2014 World Cup qualifying schedule has been released, and VDB must have been relieved to find out that Spain wasn’t playing France first.  The calendar is as follows (all dates in 2012-13): Sept. 11 – Georgia, Oct. 12 – Belarus, Oct. 16 – France, March 22 – Finland, March 26 – France, Sept. 6 – Finland, Oct. 11 – Belarus, Oct. 15 – Georgia.

Meanwhile, the Spanish government has decided to bestow the “royal order for sporting merit” in the grand cross category on Vicente del Bosque.  All of the players who participated in the World Cup, meanwhile, will receive gold medals.  These are the highest awards given out for sports.  They will be presented on Oct. 5 in the presence of the Infanta Cristina.  Iker received this medal last year.

Tickets for Spain’s friendly Euro 2012 qualifier against Scotland at the Rico Pérez in Alicante on Oct. 11 went on sale on Sept. 22 at 10h via http://www.servicaixa.com and La Caixa banks.  They can also be purchased at the stadium starting Oct. 6 from 10h to 20h (no break for siesta) unless you’re a Hércules season ticket holder, in which case you can purchase them there from Sept. 22-30.  Prices range from €30 to €90.


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  1. Silvia Lopez-Cobo Lopez

    Having been away from Spain for a long time can you explain what “indio” joined the team, since it was so full of “culés and vikingos.” mean? Thanks!

    • Indio = Atlético player/supporter, in this case, Álvaro Domínguez.
      Culé = Barcelona player/supporter.
      Vikingo = Real Madrid player/supporter.

      So Fernando was saying to Álvaro that he was glad another person from Atleti came to the national team, because it was so full of Barcelona and Real Madrid players.

      • When did the vikingo reference first come into being to refer to RM?

        • In 1960, after they had won five European Cups in a row (1956-60), the British newspaper The Times wrote an article about how Real Madrid had passed through Europe like the Vikings had so long ago, demolishing everything in their path.

  2. Cant help but feel sorry for David Silva, especially since his form for Manchester City has been so outstanding at the moment. But with the double pivot of Alonso-Busquets that Del Bosque likes, dont think he will get too many chances to start.

  3. Santi is so adorably short between Fer and Javi :)

  4. una, why david using silva as a second name where his father was jimenez??..

  5. Thanks for the post Una. I read the Silva interview a few days ago and was sad about how he was feeling and VDB’s trust in him :(. And now with Negredo and Soldado…, anyway if Silva keeps up his performance I hope VDB will reconsider and he’ll get his confidence back for the NT.

    Cazorla and Javi and Fer are so cute!

  6. i think fernando’s comment was sweet and, unfortunately, so true..

  7. Great recap!

    Silva is a talented midfielder in a team of talented midfielders. Fully understand his frustration in not getting a starting role on the team consistently. That said, it seems pretty uncharacteristic for him to call out VDB publicly…

    BTW how come he is known as David Silva after his mother’s last name rather than the customary David Jiménez? I think it is cool that some people choose to be known with mother’s last name rather than the customary father’s. I know Spanish naming custom calls for two last names, but most people seem to use first last name in non-official matters. Just wondered if there was a story here about him using ‘David Silva’?

  8. I hope that one of my favourite players, David Silva, is mistaken. He plays brilliantly for Man. City and is one of the reasons they are performing so well. To me he should always be a main player on the National team. It appeared to me that VDB didn’t want to change very much during World Cup, but I have to believe he has confidence in Silva for the contributions he has made since then.

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