my ! key is now on strike, because !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had been eagerly awaiting this moment since Soy Underwear tweeted yesterday that they would be releasing new photos and videos today!  And it was worth the wait, because Javi Martínez (!!!) looks fantastic!  That pout, those abs, those legs, that adorable face…

Go, take a moment to just squeal and fan yourself, and then come back, because there are more photos…

Javi (!!!) is once again the protagonist of a Soy Underwear campaign, this time for their spring/summer 2012 collection.  According to Soy Underwear’s web site, “for us, Javi Martínez perfectly represents youth, sporting spirit and likeability, values shared by Soy Underwear.”  Meanwhile, the SS12 line “is inspired in a youthful and bold design, with vivid colors and patterns, without compromising quality and comfort, characteristics of the brand.”

Once again, I have to say that Javi (!!!) should never, ever wear clothes,* much less some of these “youthful and bold” designs…

… because I’m sorry, but most of these are just plain hideous, despite Javi’s (!!!) very valiant attempt to distract us.  Seriously, score now?**  Steel mental project?  And if they wanted to put animals on a shirt (I think that is my least favorite one), why not Javi’s (!!!) favorite hi-ppo?  And is the red shirt inspired by a football net?

So, I’ll just focus on the body.  And wait for the videos.  That will keep me happy for a long time.


* the Athletic and Spain kits are exceptions, but he should make an effort to remove them on the field after games.

** well, if Javi (!!!) wore that, I’d definitely try and score with him.


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  1. I see we’ve been on the same Facebook page this morning, eh? These are genuinely all awful, except for the solid-color pairs and the parts which are not covered by hideous fabric, and I whole-heartedly agree that Javi (!!!) should never, ever be allowed to wear clothing.

    (I was thinking the red atrocity was a football net too, but I think it’s actually a chain-link fence with bits of tree growing through it at the bottom. Which is a whole other mental image.)

  2. Dios mio.

    I am able to forgive Soy for those designs, just because they gave us THOSE pics.

    I will be back once I am back to breathing normally. Gosh.

  3. Oh, I now opened the pics in separate windows. Zoom works.Lord have mercy!

  4. Thank you for making my day!!! I’m drooling on my keyboard. :-)

  5. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh my God, that just made my day infinitely better. *stares shamelessly at the pics*

    Damn, this guy is fine. Those legs! That pout! Those eyes! And the abs, and everything, and… *THUD* Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

  6. Oh I so needed this between all of that uni stress going on!
    Javi is one yummy basque…
    and is it just me or is his – let’s call it a package – more prominent in these pictures compared to the last ones?
    As for those horrific things i think are meant to be pyjama’s, juck! let’s hope Javi doesn’t ever decide they’re trendy and start to wear them!!!
    Gosh my ! key is about to go the same way una’s had gone a long time ago!

  7. OH MY GOD….I would seriously buy ALL of these items of clothing. Soy Underwear really knows what it’s doing!

  8. “alternate feelings of longing and belonging”. Alright, enough reading of shirts! We all know that would be the last thing we would do if we were in the same room as Javi, hehe =D

  9. HOLY, I AM SPEECHLESS BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….

    …um, i mean thank you una XD

  10. x_X

    Thanks for the heart attack Una!!! …

  11. Dios mio. I just spent my weekend in some camp getting stung by jellyfish, falling into mud and getting blisters from being forced to hike at 5:30 in the morning. This is a GREAT welcome home surprise. Bless you, Una!

  12. His torso is Ah-may-zing!

  13. Una, I am living in sin. And you are the best enabler. :)

  14. After few days I have to say that this blog entry should stay on the front page forever. Not that I don;t want to see new entries;-), but this one is so precious it should be featured as a special or something.;-)))

  15. OMG! Una! I just check this blog. He’s so adorable. And he’s super HOT! OMG I couldn’t breathe for a second lol. Thank you so much. I love ya!

  16. late post reply but when it comes to Javi (!!!!!) in underwear, who cares! He looks great. His body is wooaaah, but his face is endearingly cute- good choice of model Soy undies, especially as the designs are mingu poor :(

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