seriously, this boy…

… is the most adorable in the world (or worrl, as Iker says).  Javi (!!!) posted this picture on his twitter, and invited us to guess which one he is.


His subsequent tweets were adorable.  The first one read, “I didn’t even notice, but Ruper (the Elche midfielder who is also from Ayegui) is also in the photo, let’s see if you can identify him as well!”  Then Javi (!!!) tweeted, “jaja, at the moment only two people have gotten it right!  I’ll also give you the number of my brother, who is a physiotherapist specializing in the neck area, since we work as a team!” (this was because the original photo was not oriented correctly, so we had to look at it sideways).  Many people must have gotten it wrong, because Javi’s (!!!) next tweet read, “I’M NOT THE FOURTH ONE [standing] FROM THE LEFT!!!!  That’s my cousin Iñaki, people mix us up a lot, in a while I’ll tell you which one I am.”  And that’s what he did, tweeting to Axel Torres, “I’m surprised that you didn’t know… I’m the one next to the goalkeeper and next to the cup, don’t I have the face of a good boy?”  And his final tweet on the matter told us which was is Ruper: “and Ruper is the one standing on the right, with the Nike boots.”

Javi (!!!) is adorable (sense a theme here?)!  And he used to be so small!  When did he start growing?


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  1. I spotted him instantly!! I cant people didnt get it right :P…this is SOOOO adorable!!

  2. Did you see the picture his sister posted of him on Twitter? oh my gosh, so adorable!!

  3. I guessed right!!!! :) Although I did have to take a second look at the one who turned out to be his cousin, but Javi’s toothy smile gave him away. What a cutie!

  4. I picked him too. Same smile, but not Ruper.

  5. Oh, sweeeeet!

    I am back from holidays and this is what I find, wonderful!

    (now I need to organise a coffee break so I can update myself, so many blog entries since I last visited before vacation, so I am in for a treat now!!!)

  6. Una! New Soy Underwear shoot:

    Javi Martínez - Spring / Summer 2012 - SOY Underwea

  7. Oh man, I was wrong. I thought the man who was beside Javi (left) to be him.

  8. His cousin really DOES look like him! So cute as a kiddie and definitely now…me likey some Soy:)

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