Remember this?  Well now the Mahou commercial “Hermanos” is out!  It stars Iker, David Villa and Santi Cazorla, plus the siblings of David, Santi, PF Juan Mata (obviously, PF Paula Mata), Fernando Llorente and Álvaro Arbeloa, among others.  It’s an adorable, feel-good commercial, plus we also get to see some behind the scenes footage!  Just one question though, why didn’t Mahou get Iker’s hot little brother Unai involved?  What’s the point of using Iker if his brother does not appear?  After all, the commercial is called “Siblings.”  And poor Chus…

Here’s the translation of what’s said during the commercial: today we, the siblings of the stars of the league, have met up to play a game.  The truth is we don’t have their techniques, not as much class, nor their left feet or their charisma.  We barely have 10 followers on twitter.  We don’t have their speed, nor their nose for the goal.  The truth is, we have many things to learn from them.  But when we finish, it doesn’t matter who wins, we’re going to have a Mahou, every one of us, together.


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  1. hey Una what’s PF??

  2. I LOVE the way Aida rans into that man ! It’s hilarious!

  3. Such a cute commercial!

    You’re totally right, Unai would have made it perfect! Either way, he needs to find himself in the public eye some more. Keeping all that sexy to himself is just unfair :P

  4. I think Unai would have ruined the concept as they were obviously looking for football wise not talented sibblings … ;)

  5. This is so adorable. Gotta love these videos. How cute is Santi and his bro or Villa and his sis? The human side of our team is a beautiful thing. Gracias Una.

  6. Oh wow, what a cute commercial! And I agree, why isn’t Unai in there? Is it because he’s hot and plays soccer and has more than 10 followers :)? Anyway, adorable!

  7. I can see Aida villa, but who’s the girl with curly long hair??

    Looks at bit like Cesc’s sister??

  8. maybe because unai is a footballer in his own right, he didn’t want to be in an advert as iker’s brother? who knows.

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