these boys on twitter is the best thing that’s happened to us

It all started out so innocently.

Sergio tweeted, “we just arrived back from the walk and now we’re playing parchís – Álvaro Arbeloa, el Chori Albiol and me.”  A while later, we got the result: “let’s gooooo!  Second game, victory for Sergio Ramos.  Álvaro Arbeloa, the Spartan that stayed a soldier… jejejjejej.”

Or was it this?  “And the winner is… Álvaro Arbeloa!  He plays against the best, he loses like the rest… I’m sorry for Sergio Ramos and el Chori, they have a lot left (to learn?).  It must have been, because then Alvarito responded to Sergio’s tweet: “what a false guy!”

So Sergio tweeted that he was going to let us know the definitive result.  That unsurprisingly had Sergio as the winner, and he included a picture as proof.  Which player do you think Sergio is?  And why isn’t El Chori on twitter yet to give us his take on the game?

Meanwhile, Javi (!!!) decided to tweet a couple of photos from the morning walk.  This one, where you could just see a bit of Javi’s (!!!) finger, must have elicited some complaints, because he then followed up with this tweet: “but you can only see a tiny, tiny part of the fingertip!!  You’re all so picky…”  I had no complaints, even that little sliver of Javi’s (!!!) finger is better than no Javi (!!!) at all, no?

And La Rojita gave us this cute exchange.  The boys are on their way home, after a job well done.  Isco tweeted that he was with Recio waiting for the AVE to take them to Málaga.  Sergio Canales replied, “in the airport with… no one.  Alone.  How boring.”  So Álvaro Vázquez said, “you’ll never be alone, brother!!  You can call me if you want.”  All together now – awwwwww.

By the way, Sergio makes a very good model, no?  Imagine that it’s a hair product that he’s displaying and pointing at – perfection!

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  1. Una! How could you miss Thiago and Iker Muniain’s adorable back and forth from the other day??? Those two are the cutest!

  2. Alvaro Vazquez’s Twitter reply to Sergio Canales is so freakin’ adorable. <3____<3

  3. Isn’t this game supposed to have 4 players? Who was the 4th player that hasn’t been mentioned? haha, only a guess :)

    And it seems that our boys are getting crazy updating tweets and FB. Look at Iker! He’s become a FB addict already!!!

  4. Yay! I’m so happy that they took a walk around La Grajera.

  5. haha i adore them!! :) I wonder if Sergio cheated again???

  6. Who ever was yellow in that game won, because there are no yellow ‘pieces’ on the board, but there are red, blue and green. Also the yellow player has a zero in the line underneath the jugador 3 and the green says 2 in that same line. I’m guessing it states the pieces each player has left on the board.

  7. Alvaro is just the sweetest kid.

  8. iker’s facebook is the gift that keeps on giving. i love it. but all the twitter accounts are hilarilous, too. i love when they shout out to each other, it’s adorable. :)

  9. to add the best thing about this picture, a finger is up, but strangely it doesnt happen to be a THUMB!! I love them, they are indded the best thing happened to twitter next to Iker on fb of course!!

  10. parchís is taking over la roja … jajajajaja Una I think you should ask to be the ref during the parchís games so we know who actually won!!! :)

    I also want Chorri on twitter :(

  11. Javi(!!!) has been busy on twitter!

    He posted a photo of him with his sister
    One of his his team as a kid- can you pick him out?

    His sister posted a pic of his birthday party

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