just when you thought they couldn’t get more adorable…

Alright, which tweet/Facebook post was your favorite from yesterday?  The boys tweeted/posted up a storm, and they were all adorable, from Iker taking a picture of Álvaro Arbeloa and Raúl Albiol taking a picture of Xabi to Xabi’s reading a magazine classiness to shirtless Sergio and shirtless Pepe.  I think the first one was my favorite.  Álvaro Arbeloa tweeted this picture of Xabi, saying, “this is how Xabi warms up before the training session” (by the way, the magazine Xabi is reading is El País Semanal, which I also read yesterday morning, and where Xabi once appeared).  Some time later, Iker posted this picture of a shirtless Raúl Albiol and Álvaro Arbeloa huddled together, plotting to take that picture of Xabi.  I like how Xabi is glancing up at them like, “those kids…”  Iker wrote, “before training, with these two characters taking a photo of Xabi…”

And is that Matita there in front of Raúl?

As yesterday was Raúl Albiol’s birthday, Sergio and Álvaro tweeted pictures with him.  Álvaro wrote on his Facebook, “Hello people! I’m here with my friend Raúl, today is his birthday!!! He’s a little bit old but still looks young! :P A big hug!!”  Sergio also gave us this photo with Fernando Torres, and I’ve never hated his thumbs up as much as I have in that photo, because it covers up his torso!!  After that first half on Friday, we deserve to see Sergio’s chest and abs, no?  And I like how the twins have lockers next to each other.  No one is surprised.

And Fernando Llorente is fantastic at this tweeting thing!  Look at this photo he tweeted on Sunday, only his third day on twitter!  ¡¡Hello Pepe!!  And isn’t Floris’ smile both adorable and angelic?  PF Juan Mata also joined in this flurry of tweets, with this photo of him and former club teammate David Villa (once again sans hair gel).  I like how you can tell that the “Álvaro Domínguez” name tag was just stuck on the locker, while the others look a bit more permanent.  We need more pictures from the locker room, no?

And Javi (!!!) tweeted, “to Logroño tomorrow!  I’m very excited to play in the land of my father.  In addition, I can see my entire family and friends there…”  This was followed by five happy faces.  Javi (!!!) is so adorable.  If only someone (or he himself) had tweeted a photo of him in the locker room yesterday…

La Roja trained on Sunday morning behind closed doors, after enjoying a day off on Saturday.  This session took place in the gym and on the field, with VDB beginning to correct some of the things that he didn’t like about Friday’s game.  In the afternoon, they held another session, which started out with all the players in a huddle, listening to VDB’s chat.  The talk lasted for about 15 minutes, longer than usual, and VDB gesticulated a lot during it.  The boys wore their “serious” faces.

Apparently, what he told them was that they could not relax, and that they had to stop getting into fights in games to avoid giving the team a bad image.  I wonder if the shorter guys had trouble seeing the coach?  And all of them have such lovely calves…

The session lasted about an hour or so, and VDB watched over his players like a hawk, talking to them and correcting them.  The practice session ended with a partidillo, much to the delight of the fans.  On one side, wearing the blue shirts, were Valdés, Sergio, Albiol, Arbeloa, Busquets, Xavi, Xabi, Cesc, Iniesta, Mata, Negredo and Villa.  Those with yellow bibs were Pepe, Montoya, Botía, Javi Martínez (!!!), Domínguez, Thiago, Cazorla, Silva, Llorente and Torres.  Thus, it looks like Sergio Busquets may take Javi (!!!)’s place in the defensive line-up for the next game, with Iniesta coming in to join Xabi and Xavi in the midfield.  The forward line is not yet decided, as Torres and Villa both scored during the game, and Fernando Llorente will be returning home to La Rioja for the first time as a world champion (and we all know that VDB cares about small things like that, one of the reasons I love him).

UEFA rules state that only 18 players can dress for a game, so six players will be watching the game from the stands tomorrow.

David Silva and Cesc spoke to the press on Sunday morning.  Highlights:

Cesc on the defense: this is an issue for the míster, who has enough experience to know how to cover the absences we had.  A defense needs continuity and against Chile was the first time that Javi Martínez and Albiol played together.  Javi is not a centerback and he’s doing very well in that position.

Cesc on Andrés Iniesta: everyone knows who Andrés Iniesta is, he scored the most important goal in the history of this country and it’s clear that he’s a different and special player, and he makes us all better.  We have to take advantage of these circumstances and he’s at the ideal age to take charge.  In addition, for me it’s incredible to play with him because I consider him a great friend and a great person.

Silva on the next few games: each time you come to the national team, you try to give 100 percent.  We’re also conscious that the qualifiers are more important and hopefully we can always win when qualifying, win the Eurocopa and the World Cup.  In the friendlies, we try to test things out and see how our new teammates fit in.

Cesc on that topic that I’m so tired of: here, we’re all teammates and at the end of the day, we’re defending the good of the national team.  No one will ever be able to change this.  We have to move on from this issue.  We have to be more united than ever if we want to repeat what we achieved in the Eurocopa and the World Cup.

I’m sure Cesc is missing Piqué, and if you are too, here’s one of his newest Mango ads!

The U-21 team also trained yesterday, in the Ángel Carro in Lugo.  Much like what occurred with the senior team, many fans filled the stadium to watch the training session, and they enjoyed seeing the spectacle offered by the team.  The U-21 team plays tonight at 20:45h against Georgia in their second 2013 U-21 Euro qualifier.  The next game will be on Oct. 6, against old nemesis Croatia in Osijek.

In an interview with the RFEF web site, David de Gea spoke about his friendships on the team and taking over the captaincy from Javi Martínez (!!!).  David said, “it’s very easy to be the captain of this group, they’re all great guys.”  Especially great are his fellow co-captains, Iker Muniain and Marc Bartra: “I’ve known Iker for a long time, we’re great friends, he’s a wonder, a very happy person and he’s always making the group laugh with his jokes.  Marc is a very noble boy and I’m sure they’ll be great captains.”  Right now, David is sharing a room with Diego Mariño, whom he got to know when they played on the U-17 team together, and he’s also very close with the third goalkeeper, Joel Robles: “my relationship with Joel goes beyond football.  We’ve been great friends for a long time, starting when we were together at Atleti when I was 13.”  Watch David speak here.  Isco was also interviewed, but it wasn’t as interesting, though he did have a cuter picture than David’s, so here it is.

And the chiquitos were also very busy on twitter yesterday.  First up, Marc Bartra created a twitter account and Álvaro Vázquez soon tweeted his welcome for his roommate.  Then Iker Muniain and Sergio Canales (aka “Bart” and “the great channels” according to Sergio and Iker, respectively) teamed up to play FIFA online, which prompted Recio to say, “what two characters and useless people have gotten together to play FIFA.  I warn you all, they’re horrible, jejeje.”  And Iker also tweeted this photo of him, Sergio C., Juan Carlos and Recio, saying that “we had to make strange faces, but it appears it wasn’t necessary for Recio!”  But they all look fairly normal, no?  And adorable, of course.


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  1. Thank you again!

    And I have a small question, hope you don’t mind.
    Do you know what happened to Fernando Torres’ hand? We can see the tape in the pictures and there was some mention of it in news videos, but off course I couldn’t understand what they said.

  2. I love the amount of tweeting that went on yesterday!! These boys know how to use the social networking sites well and let’s be thankful for that :)

    It looks like we have a great future ahead with Llorente’s twitter! I love how active he’s been the past three days. One of my personal favorites from yesterday was Iker’s picture of the twins sneaking a picture of classy Xabi. Thought it’s hard for that man to do something and for me not to find it adorable. Another one of my favorites was shirtless Sergio. I have a weakness for Sergio and Nando pictures and shirtless Sergio just makes any picture better. Though I totally agree about the thumbs up. We want to see all of your torso, Sergio!

    I’m also glad that VDB told the boys to stop fighting. I was disappointed in them fighting, even though they were defending each other. That is not sportsmanship and I know our boys are better than that.

  3. Awe VDB! You tell our lovable boys to behave :). Love the locker room posts.

  4. Just wondering does Jesus still play for this team? It feels like I haven’t seen his appearance in the call ups for a while!

  5. Aw, they’re are all so cute! :D :D I love Xabi reading that magazine before practice. The U-21’s boys are just so cute! I bet if Thiago was still on the team he would have been in the picture as well. :D

  6. This is all so wonderful (especially the whole Iker, Arbeloa, Albiol, and Xabi thing), I love your blog Una!!!
    Despite living in and having grown up in the US, my family is from Logrono and La Rioja and I visit them every summer.
    I was so happy when heard that la seleccion would be playing in Las Gaunas because I am a huge fan but also immediately sad because I knew I wouldn’t be able to be in Logrono at this time.
    In your ICYMI for this game could please please possibly include some photos of the celebrations/activities going on around Logrono for this game???

  7. Then Iker Muniain and Sergio Canales (aka “Bart” and “the great channels” according to Sergio and Iker, respectively) teamed up to play FIFA online,

    it’s so weird for me to see “according to sergio and iker” in print and have it not refer to ramos and casillas! ;p there is an incredible amount of duplication of first names from the senior team to the other teams, no? :)

    i’m glad VdB gave his boys a bit of a talking-to. much as i’m delighted they won on friday, it was an ugly beginning and an ugly ending (for different reasons) and it needs to be addressed. given that spain is now #2 in the rankings (suggesting their play has slipped) and the media is perpetuating the idea of dissention on the team (suggesting their camaraderie has slipped), they will have to work extra hard to overcome those things and silence their critics. but i know they can do it!

    i am anxiously waiting a possible announcement that they’ll play england in a friendly either in november or february (apparently february is more likely, according to the email i received from the FA when i asked). i will travel to the ends of the earth to see that.

  8. they are sooooooooooooo adorable ..

    yeeaaaaaa!!!!!! another player on twitter … =D .. but still no Xavi :( ..

    thanx una!!! :)

  9. They were great on Twitter. Funniest would be Iker’s one- nothing like spotting two a crime in the making! But shirtless Sergio and Pepe- hnnnggg…’tis all I’ll say on that :)

  10. Cutie pies and hot legs! my day is made.

  11. they’re all so adorable, i love how they’re all over twitter and facebook. i took this screencap of my iphone because i can’t find the photo on marca’s full site. isn’t it the cutest?

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