I hope you’re not tired of him yet…

The generous people over at Esquire have just released a video of the photoshoot that they did with PF Juan Mata, and of course, our “picho” is looking good.

He also talks a bit in the videos as well.

on his future: no, it doesn’t frighten me, I take things calmly, with my feet on the ground, knowing that at the age I am right now, I’ve achieved important things, but I don’t want to rest on my laurels, I want to continue growing and improving.

on being a world champion: I was lucky enough to experience it in first person, I feel privileged to have been there, to have had an unforgettable month, and to have made history for our country and for football.

on fashion: footballers like fashion and wearing the latest trends.  I’m not addicted to fashion, but I do like it.

Hi, I’m Juan Mata and I want to send my regards to all of Esquire’s readers.

You can also find the original article in Spanish here.

I also came across this article by Sid Lowe while checking out a Chelsea fan site that had linked to my translation of the Harper’s Bazaar interview, and while it has some nice information on the boy, it looks like he took a lot of inspiration from this old Mediapunta article, so I’m going to translate the fun parts from the original.

– one day, his uncle, who worked for Banco Herrero, called the house.  He told Juan’s mother that the company was going to shoot a campaign aimed at children and they needed two models, so “bring Juan and Paula and we’ll take the photos.”  Mata didn’t mind.  His sister didn’t either.  They gave them a telescope and they looked at the stars.  The campaign could be seen during several months all around Asturias.

– his father remembers, “he was always a very good student.”  Mata likes good books and studies INEF (physical education) and marketing.  When he was in his first year of ESO (compulsory secondary education), he entered a radio contest in Asturias representing La Gesta, his school in Oviedo.  He had to respond to 200 questions about general culture.  He became the champion of Asturias and won a trip to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.  Those were his first international trips.

– when he joined the Spanish U-16 team, Ginés Meléndez told him, “I hope you’re not as bad as your father,” as Meléndez had in his previous job as a scout seen Juan Mata Sr. play many times.

– one time in Valencia, he went to the post office.  After waiting in line, his turn came.  The woman behind the counter looked at him and said, “your face looks familiar.”  Mata shrugged his shoulders.  After a few seconds, he said with a bit of hesitation, “if you like football, I play for Valencia.”  The woman looked at him again and said, “¡Ah!  ¡No!  It’s just that you look like a friend of my son.”


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  1. It’s impossible to get tired of him! Soooo he’s always been very handsome, very good looking but is it just me or did he go get all sexy recently?!

  2. PF sounds like a real class act & very down to earth, intelligent guy.

    He cleans up pretty well too. Seems to have the whole modeling gig down pat.

  3. …I’m very attracted to the way he blinks.

  4. He’s totally the Xabi-In-Training No 2, just after Granero, isn’t he? Totally a very classy potential. I cannot wait to see him playing for Chelsea (even though I am a very loyal Liverpool fan…).

  5. YAY! I’ll be seeing more of Juanín then, since they don’t air La Liga games where I’m from. Although it would pain me to watch a Chelsea game since I’m a Manchester United fan… :))

    Thanks for the translation, Una! The last anecdote was especially adorable.

  6. Whoa.. The sexy music.. The sexy photoshoot eyes..

    …I have to go watch it again!!!!

    And the paragraph at the end: hahah that must’ve been so embarrassing! (But if they look like that, then maybe I should track down that woman’s son’s friends!!! :P )

    I’m hoping this PF marathon can be extended, but just in case this is the last of these devastatingly adorable posts, I’ll thank you for it now: THANK YOU UNA!! :D

  7. Juanin comes across as a very grounded and sensible lad! Smart on and off the field. He will go places!

  8. Ahh! So he’s really intelligent, too! That explains the friendship with El Pirata!

  9. Picho =((((((( We will miss you in La Liga. Enhorabuena Crack!

  10. hehe I was going to say he’s going to be another future Xabi too. The last anecdote was so cute! I would be a bit embarrassed if I was the woman actually..

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