the right idea…

Giorgio Chiellini and I must be on the same wavelength, because we both want to tear Javi Martínez’s (!!!) shirt off, although I’m sure we have different purposes.  This is my style of defending.  And it also evokes very delicious memories of a certain Fernando Llorente against Portugal, no?

More on La Roja’s loss to Italy and La Rojita’s nerve-wracking win over South Korea another day.  But I have to say, when the U-20 game went into overtime and then penalties, with the rival being South Korea, I thought, “not again.”  But then I thought, now things are different.  Now, we believe we can win.  And so we did.  Congratulations to us and La Rojita.


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  1. The right idea indeed. Mrowr.

    (I do hope the players call off their strike, though. I’ve already bought my plane tickets to be in Spain to see !!! and the rest of Athletic Club on the 28th.)

  2. By all means let’s bribe all defenders to rip the shirts of both Javi and Fernando any chance that arises. Sometimes the tension in games is too much for us and we think a little eye candy would go a long way to relieve this.

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