Javi Martínez – the Soy Underwear interview (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

This is definitely worth taking a little break from my vacation for (and I’m sure there are some of you who would love a translation, no?).  Soy Underwear interviewed Javi Martínez (!!!) a while back, but just released the video of the interview.  And it is of course adorable, and I absolutely approve of the questions that Javi (!!!) was asked (you might be thinking that I consult for Soy Underwear after you see the questions, but unfortunately, I don’t.  But if they want to hire me, I’ll do it for free!  However, they can reward me in Javis (!!!) if they like).

A kiss and those morritos?  Perfection!!!

Hi, I’m Javi, Javi Martínez, I’m 22 years old, I’m from Ayegui but I live in Bilbao because of work, for sports, I play football, I play for Athletic de Bilbao, I’ve been lucky enough to play for the Spanish national team, and… I’m the image of the underwear brand Soy Underwear.

Describe your perfect girl.  My perfect girl?  Jo….  She should be nice, funny, kind, faithful… and pretty too.  And she has to like sushi.

Do you see yourself with kids in the future?  Yes, but in the future, not right now.

Do you consider yourself romantic?  (Laughs) I don’t know.  If I had a girlfriend, you should ask her… I have no idea.  I do like to be thoughtful, but… I don’t know.

Your favorite vacation spot?  Right now, Ibiza.  I had a great time the two times I went there with my friends.  It’s a paradise.

Your favorite music?  I like El Canto del Loco, and then after that, joder, I don’t know, “black” music – Jay-Z, 50 Cent, I don’t know, R&B.

Your favorite movie?  It could be The Notebook.  I like it a lot.

What book are you reading now?  Right now, I’m reading World Without End, which is the sequel to The Pillars of the Earth, which I loved and would recommend to everyone.  I even gave it to my mother so she could read it.  And… perhaps it’s the book I’ve liked the most up to now.

What do you wear to sleep?  Pajamas.  But from Soy.  Like these.

Boxers or briefs?  Boxers.

What plans do you have for after you retire?  I’m studying for the university entrance exams, I would like to study journalism.

And to end… regards and a big hug for all my followers, both mine and those of Soy Underwear, and I hope that there will be a lot more in the near future.  A kiss for everyone.

So to wrap up: I love sushi, both The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End, R&B music, Ibiza, El Canto del Loco.  I want to have kids too.  And I considered studying journalism at one point in my life (but I found something I liked better).  And I hope you all think I’m nice, funny and kind?  However, I do disagree with Javi (!!!) in one aspect: he shouldn’t wear anything to sleep.  And thank goodness they let him wear their plain pajamas for this interview, although it was still one pajama set too much, no?

P.S.  By the way, I am loving Javi’s (!!!) short hair (the video was shot before the haircut).  He looked fantastic during the presentation of his club’s new jerseys, no?  And check out his official club portrait for this season too – ¡qué guapo!  Excuse me while I go hyperventilate for a bit…


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  1. Oh my, the first picture is so wow and so reminds me of the vid from the photoshooting that I have to compose myself to read the translation now.

    Too bad you had to take a break from the holiday to translate, but what a break that is! THANK YOU!!!!and I hope you are having fun on holiday!!!!!

  2. THE NOTEBOOK?!?! My heart might have just jumped out of my chest and into his hands. Similar to the reaction I had on finding out that Iker’s favorite movie is Notting Hill. OH wow. And he wants to go back to school? Being somewhat of an education-snob myself, nothing makes me happier than these boys continuing their studies (yes, I’m a dork, shhh haha). Also, the way he says 50 Cent is adorable!

  3. I was totally waiting for the translation
    muchas gracias

  4. jajajajajaja … oooo Una … idk if your nice… cause some of your post kill me .. .& thats not very nice … LOL j/k … I was like yes .. yes .. yes .. Sushi .. no … sooo i’m not his perfect girl .. darn it … & he does look cute with his short hair .. & it looks like its working for him .. since i think he scored a head goal fro Bilbao game yesterday …

    thanx for taking time out of your vacation & giving us this wonderful post .. & i agree nothing is better then pj’s for any hot/sexy/cute player….. love the questions … they need to ask more players those questions…

  5. Ayyyyyy esos morritos! ¡Esa cara! Why is this boy so perfect in every way?

    Also, Javi likes reading about medieval things, does he? :-D I think I just found a way in…

  6. Although I do have to say I prefer the old, slightly fluffy hair. But this cut will hopefully grow out soon.

  7. Una, you are perfect for him! <3 hmmm…now to devise a plan so you can meet him! How on earth does this he not have a girlfriend? I think it's past time for you two to meet. I'm sure that will solve his problem. :p

    Pillars of the Earth…I just read that book and absolutely loved it. I've not yet read the other so I will have to see if the library has it.

    hmm…50 Cent? I like 50 but his songs are a bit raunchy at times. Maybe Javi(!!!) has a bit of freak in him? Question though….do rappers like 50 & Jay-Z have a Spanish version or are their songs only in English? If only in English, does that mean Javi (!!!) knows English?

    Good for him going to college (aka Uni). Sounds like another smart footballer. I have to admire guys who already have plans for life after football.

    Una, thanks for sharing this with us during your vacay. While I miss your posts, a vacation is well deserved. Enjoy the rest of it.

  8. why does he roll his R’s SOOOO much. hahaha

  9. I hope u r having a wonderful vacation wherever u r. best wishes

  10. To being with, I love Spanish accents! To me, they’re the sexiest accents in the world. The way he said 50 cent just made me drool! OMG!

  11. He is all that and he reads. I LOVE SUSHI!

  12. What a tease! Love this interview. Thanks for sharing, Una :)

  13. Bless you, Una… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! indeed! Javi looks so grown up here and I haven’t gotten around to doing anything else other than giggling.

  14. Oh my God, he is so lovely *swoon*

  15. Una… if anyone “deserves” a Javi, it’s you!

  16. awww “un beso para todos”. I’m going to excuse myself too.

  17. The way he rolls his r’s. Omg. So amazing.

  18. i love how he rolls his Rsssss. Very sexy. Expecially his pronounciation of underwearrrrrrrrr.

    Una, you definitely need to give him English lessons.

  19. thanks for this! javi is such a sweetie

  20. Ah Una, the two of you were made for each other(!!!) and NO man should wear pajamas to bed….por que’???

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