I can’t wait to see this!*

Iker apparently spent part of today shooting a new ad for Mahou called “Hermanos” (siblings), and while it looks like it stars Iker and some random people, in reality those people have some very familiar last names!  They are Nando Cazorla, Aida Villa, Paula Mata, José Ignacio Casquero, Chus Llorente, Sergio Soldado, Ángel Barral and Raúl Arbeloa, siblings of Santi Cazorla, David Villa, (PF) Juan Mata, Javier Casquero, Fernando Llorente, Roberto Soldado, David Barral and Álvaro Arbeloa, respectively!  Do you notice any resemblances?

I hope that little guapetón Unai Casillas also makes an appearance!  And where are Cristina, Mariola or Álvaro Martínez?  I’ll be happy with just one of them!!!

* Álvaro Arbeloa can’t wait either, nor can Fernando Llorente.

Fernando also posted on his Facebook a photo that Chus had sent over of the brothers and sisters.


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  1. Any idea when it will be released?

  2. didn’t know Iker had a brother (never thought about it actually), but that guy is just WOW
    And I can’t figure out who’s who in the picture, only that guy on the left might be Nando Cazorla

    • The back row is made up of Nando, Aida, Iker, Paula, Ángel (I think, as he looks like David) and Chus.
      As for the front row, the one on the right is Raúl. The one on the left looks more like Roberto than the one in the middle, so I’m guessing that’s Sergio, which makes the guy in the middle José Ignacio.

  3. Nando Cazorla shares some of that adorable awkwardness that his brother’s got going on. And I think if we cut Aida’s hair and put a soul patch (I hate that thing) on her, we wouldn’t be able to tell her and David apart. Although I’d never object to the presence of a Martinez…I think the biggest thing that’s missing is Unai! He’s far too beautiful for Iker to continue hiding him!

  4. since i so often find myself laughing at the way you ladies swoon over la roja, let me just say that David Villa’s sister gets my (!!!!!)
    thanks as always, Una

  5. I wonder if Villa’s daughter Zaida is named after his sister Aida. Seems likely.

  6. Nando Cazorla is very cute, just like his brother :) and Aida reminded me of Nagore… just the same face type, and just as beautiful as Nagore (only a bit shorter, which is not a defect in my opinion) Llorente’s brother is not in the least like Fer, neither is his sister Aitzabel whom I saw in a video about the players’ relatives going to the World Cup. Fer does look like his mother Isabel Torres (well, and yes, much like myself, but that’s accidental;), but not like his father or siblings ;)

  7. I cant wait … to see the commercial … thanx Una …

    & I can’t wait less then 2 weeks before we can see the boy together again… Italy vs Spain … yeeeeaaaa!!! :D …

  8. A treat for my favorite la roja blogger :)

  9. Chus looks a LOT like their father, he’s much older than Fernando but still quite handsome.
    PF Juan Mata’s sister is really really pretty and Soldado’s brother got the short end of the genetic pool in looks xD

  10. random question: Do you know if La Seleccion is coming back to the U.S.? I remember you saying something about their possible return to New York City. Is that concrete now or no?

  11. This is going to be awesome. Actually I think Casquero’s bro is next to Mata’s chulita hermana. Barral’s bro is the guero in the front, no?

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